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So what have I been up to?

Modcloth Inspired Interpretation Dress

Labor Day weekend last year I broke my wrist in two places and had to have surgery. I was using a chair to climb up to clean out a cobweb in the corner above my fireplace. When I stepped back down onto the chair I missed it completely. I tried to catch myself with my left hand which, believe you me, was NOT a good idea! Needless to say, since that time I have purchased a step stool.

The surgeon placed what I considered to be a huge pin through my wrist to hold the bones together and in place for 6 weeks. Followed by 6 weeks of physical therapy. OMG how painful was all that! Even after well over a year it still hurts some everyday and occasionally I still have some swelling. Doing my job one-handed and having my hubby dress me was certainly something I had never experienced and not my cup of tea but you gotta do what you gotta do. A week beforehand I had just purchased a new car with a stick shift so I had to have someone drive me around for awhile. It was really all quite stressful. I eventually just stopped doing everything all together that I didn't have to and let myself heal. No crocheting, no blogging, no photo editing or taking photos for that matter and no housework (now that one I didn't complain about). I have a deep sympathy for Captain Hook now folks, the struggle is real!

On another note, I love my new job! I work with some wonderful people and can almost set my own hours. I could use a bit more of a challenge but then again at my age I am enjoying the ease of the job.

I have gone to some great concerts that I hope to showcase soon. Paul McCartney a few weeks ago for my birthday, Lady Gaga before that, Joe Bonamassa and Lynyrd Skynyrd this year alone. I got a new camera for my birthday so great pics to come. I have missed the blogging community and I look forward to new technology making it easier for me to post so that I may do it more often. I still have that slow internet after all!



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Favorite Song Of The Moment - Avril Lavigne

This new song by Avril Lavigne, "What The Hell", gets stuck in my head every time I hear it. It's a really cute, catchy song! Showing some girl power and having some fun :o)  
She has her own clothing line if you are a younger woman than I am. I love her music but her clothes will have to be worn by my granddaughter. About Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne:
The Avril Lavigne Clothing Line, Abbey Dawn, is one of the latest celebrity apparel lines. Named after the nickname given to her by her father, singer Avril Lavigne's fashion line first appeared in Kohl's stores in July of 2008. The line includes hooded sweaters, jeans, t-shirts and a bit of it all for tweens, teens and women.  The Avril Lavigne clothing line is all about young funky glam rock, with colorful sexy, flirty, easy to wear comfort. Lavigne's styles are fast becoming known as "skater girl chic," with patterns consisting of skull and crossbones as well as zebra stripes and …

I Have Officially Retired My Ugg Boots For The Season
My Ugg boots are probably my favorite shoewear. I love them! My feet have a tendency to get cold but not while wearing these. I have read that men don't like them but I think they are cute as can be and my hubby doesn't complain. Yes, I even like them with shorts. Although I only wear them with jeans. With the sun finally coming out, sadly it's time to place them at the back of my closet.
Top: ModCloth Jeans: Levi's 515
The top I have on is the most softest thing I own and was purchased at my favorite internet clothing shop...ModCloth. It is the The-Great-Estate-Dress and is currently sold out. They have some really cool, unique items. This was listed as a dress but was a bit short for me since you can see through the bottom layer. I pulled it up a bit and it was perfect as a top with my Levis. It would be cute with leggings or a short skirt and tights too.  I'm still trying to get out of my Levis and into some more stylish outfits but I love them so. Still …

The Cabbage Patch Kids inspired crochet hat

I just love Cabbage Patch Kids! Years ago my dad went on a mission to get me one when they were hard to find. With the invent of the internet you can almost find anything these days but back in the day it wasn't so easy. He finally succeeded but there was always a story about what a time he had. He was able to get me two in the long run. The first a little boy named Bobby George (my dad's name was Bobby also) just in case he couldn't get his hands on a girl with red hair. Luckily eventually someone was able to get the girl doll for him to give to me. I was so pleased to get them and he was so happy giving them to me that it is a memory I will always treasure. Whenever I think of Cabbage Patch dolls I always think of him. I get them out once in awhile and clean them up but I hope to display them after I paint my second bedroom which I hope to make whimsical and colorful. Arlene looked like she could use a bit of sprucing up when I got her out for pictures so I'm not su…

Concert Series - Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer

♥ Dress:  ModCloth (Sorry ladies this one is no longer available) ♥ Sandals: Palomi Sandals ( I found myself wishing I had some red ones) ♥ Purse:  Coach

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending a concert with my son. We were second row at Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer. Edgar Winter has always been special to me. His show was the second one I saw as a teenager and I fell in love. Even named a dog after him that I got as a birthday present when I became 14. My son, being a saxaphonist himself, is also a big fan of Edgar's. Of course, we love Johnny and Rick too but Edgar was who I mainly wanted to see. Going to a concert was something we hadn't done in years so I was very excited to be able to spend the evening with him, just me and him :o) We had the best time talking about photography, music, movies and just fun stuff in general. He gets a big kick out of how excited I get when Edgar shows up! lol He works with our local schoo…

Movies: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Disney Pictures-Sorcerers Apprentice Official Page
I love this movie!!

My favorite scene is when the apprentice wants to take the easy way out just like in Fantasia, he ends up in trouble too! As lovingly called "the mop scene".

Of course, the Sorcerer is awesome!

Even the bad guys are cool!

This is a romantic scene which is beautiful!

And, of course the Sorcerer's Apprentice saves the world, and love survives too! It has it all!
Did watching a stupid movie ever make you stop and think about something in your own life? That's what happened to me while watching this movie awhile back. There is a scene in which the roommate tells the apprentice that he needs to start participating in life more and I thought, you know that's exactly what I need to do. Participate more! I kind of feel like things have been on hold with me for awhile but it looks like, hopefully, things are going to work out so I've been trying to participate more and worry less. It seems to be h…

Lady Gaga in Vogue
Lady Gaga was featured on the cover of this month's Vogue. It's almost the end of September and I just got around to checking out the pictures and reading the article. The pictures taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott were not that impressive to me but the article written by Jonathan VanMeter was highly entertaining. He met with her in Tokyo, Japan for the interview. Well worth the read.  

Concert Series: Miranda Cosgrove

On August 10, 2011 we took our granddaughter to see Miranda Cosgrove, you know Nickelodeon's iCarly (she also played the band manager in School of Rock). Ashley knows every episode by heart and Miranda's solo album had just came out. We were all very excited! Especially my hubby who stated if he never watched iCarly again or listened to the cd it would probably be too soon for him. Of course, he had a blast regardless of his taste in tv and music!

We went shopping for Ashley before the show and I let her pick out her outfit. A little fashionista I do believe. The hat was totally her idea! All items are from Kohls. I picked up the white skirt for myself and my top was from the Modcloth end of summer sale last year. I think you all know my old kicks :o) I, thankfully, finally got a couple of new pairs which you can see here and here.

We had 4th row seats and they allowed the kids to go down front which meant Ashley had a front row view. She was up there hand slapping and danci…