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Black Velvet if you please!

I've always had a real thing for black velvet. My grandmother bought me a black velvet circle skirt with red satin lining when I was a little girl. I would twirl and spin and feel like a beautiful princess while wearing it. I was hooked. Since then I still feel special when I put on velvet. I always have a velvet dress at hand but I only wear it on special occasions. I got lucky this past fall when I found myself another dress at the Goodwill of all places. It was even new with tags! Score!! I finally wore it on New Year's Eve and I couldn't have had a better time. I'm thinking I should wear velvet every other day while sipping a little Black Velvet Whiskey. Now that would be the life! 

______________________________________ Outfit Details:
Velvet Dress: Vintage from Goodwill but new with tags Black Velvet Dresses on eBay Black Velvet Dresses on Etsy Black Velvet Dresses on Google Shopping Boots: CoSTUME National (won on Sheryl Crow auction, read about it here) Tights: S…