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Not quite spring but almost...thankfully!

I am trying to get back into the swing of getting out into the real world on a daily basis once again here lately.  I seem to be adjusting pretty well, or I was until the time change went into effect. It always messes my sleeping up. So this week I am back to the adjustment period and making headway.  I am enjoying my new job and the weather has been pretty great.  Nice people and having a bit of extra cash is so so very nice. I even ordered myself a new purse from Modcloth. I need a bigger one to carry all my crap in and I am sick to death of my old Coach purse I've carried off and on for a few years, so why not treat myself a bit. I couldn't see one good reason why I shouldn't. So I did! Although I do plan to continue with my thrifty ways until I can get a few eggs back in the nest. Not much excitement lately. I've been on information overload but feeling good about getting back to work!  I've been thoroughly enjoying listening to the Hollywood Vampires on my dr…

Out of my comfort zone and In to a new job!

I am happy to share that after a few months of dangling my resume on I finally landed a pretty good job. I just finished my first week and it was painless. I had anxieties about driving into the city but as it turns out I have a nice drive by the river and after I figured out the one turn I have to make I haven't had any problems. Although I had just returned from a vacation in Florida and wasn't in the mood to go right to work afterwards I had very nice first week. Lots of great people and no clients in house....bonus!
Now that I can stop looking for a job I hope to have a bit more time to get back to doing some things online I have missed, blogging for one, for sure! 

Black Velvet if you please!

I've always had a real thing for black velvet. My grandmother bought me a black velvet circle skirt with red satin lining when I was a little girl. I would twirl and spin and feel like a beautiful princess while wearing it. I was hooked. Since then I still feel special when I put on velvet. I always have a velvet dress at hand but I only wear it on special occasions. I got lucky this past fall when I found myself another dress at the Goodwill of all places. It was even new with tags! Score!! I finally wore it on New Year's Eve and I couldn't have had a better time. I'm thinking I should wear velvet every other day while sipping a little Black Velvet Whiskey. Now that would be the life! 

______________________________________ Outfit Details:
Velvet Dress: Vintage from Goodwill but new with tags Black Velvet Dresses on eBay Black Velvet Dresses on Etsy Black Velvet Dresses on Google Shopping Boots: CoSTUME National (won on Sheryl Crow auction, read about it here) Tights: S…