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Life After Work

Well, it's been 21 weeks since I lost my job. It's been weird not having a job to go to each day and in a way I've missed it very much. In another way, not at all....although I believe that has more to do with it being my favorite time of the year rather than not wanting to work. I guess knowing I will have to go back to work soon makes me not want to but I'm not sure that I would want to be retired and continue on without a job at all. The days begin to run together for me too much after awhile. It has been many, many years since I have had a summer off so I haven't dug my heels into the job search yet but last week I began sending my resume to places I would really like to work rather than the required two for unemployment. Places I would really like to work and hopefully have a chance of getting hired. Although I did have one interview I haven't had any nibbles yet but with any luck maybe soon.  It's time to go back to work.
I have made the most of my t…

A Night of The Beatles Music

As a little girl growing up in the country with no siblings I listened to music a lot to pass the time. There were two radio stations, WSAI and WING that I could get on my transistor radio and as long as the batteries held out I was good to go. Around age 7 my mom and dad got me a stereo that played records. Oh my, it was my best Christmas present ever! It was wooden, stood on legs and had a lid. A pretty piece of furniture that played music. I loved it! They tied a big red bow around it and although it stopped working years ago I still have it. 
The Beatles became my favorite band and I played their music all the time and couldn't wait for a new album to come out. I bought all the magazines that featured them and anytime they were on TV I was in front of it. My dad bought me some white go go boots so I could dance along. A true Beatlemaniac! I was 13 when they broke up and I was heartbroken, Although there were no more Beatles they still put out individual stuff and Led Zeppelin