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Concert Series: Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band (I wore #thedress, which is blue on black)


Roman Originals

I had the pleasure of attending a concert to see my favorite band a few weeks ago with my best friend. We've had so much fun listening to them over the years that when I saw they were coming to town around her birthday I knew where we would be. 6th row center, baby, we were there! They played at a new concert venue called the Rose Music Center which was so nice. They rocked the house!
When the whole #thedress controversy hit the internet I found it to be very interesting. I mean it made me think how many other things do we see as different everyday. Most of the people I knew saw it as white and gold but I always saw it as blue and black. I had to have it. I don't know why, I just did so I ordered it right away although I had no idea where to wear it. When Kenny Wayne posted that the dress was obviously blue on black from his song, I knew then I would be wearing it to see him. It's actually a beautifully made dress and so comfortable. I love it and …