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Always a favorite day

Without exception Mother's Day is always one of my happiest days of the year. As a child it was an opportunity to go shopping for my mom with just my dad which always ended with him buying me the latest 45 or album I wanted or a cute outfit depending on the store and a trip to the union hall or the local corner market hangout. Always a treat. And then a fun day at home with mom. After he passed it started a tradition of spending the day with mom going to brunch and seeing a show at the local dinner theater. A few years later my best friend and her mom started to join us. There's only been a few years here and there that we haven't all been able to make it. As far as my kids, I may not always get to see both of them but I always get to see at least one and I hear from the other in some way. When I'm lucky I get to see both but I take what I can get. Lots of laughs and a day of smiles. 

My dress is from Modcloth Jennifer's is from Dress Barn

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Floral Jacket and Saddle Shoes

Not having a job to go to everyday has certainly been different and taking some getting used to. After a couple weeks in a slight depression I think I am coming around. I was starting to feel like Johnny Depp in The Secret Window, in the sense of not getting out of my ratty housecoat. I am at least getting up and getting dressed now. I've been busy with some sort of project each day and trying to get some stuff done before I dig into trying to find another job. My unemployment is worked out now so I've felt a bit better about everything. Not having to worry about that was a big load off my mind.
I've had a bit of spring cleaning fever which has been great for my home. Although getting out of the house hasn't been on the top of my priority list we did go out for a bite to eat one evening and I decided to wear my new shoes. I bought these saddle oxfords with my eBay bucks from money spent at Christmas so I got a really good deal. I used to wear these all the time and fe…