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Grayson has arrived!

Today we welcome Grayson into our family! He's so beautiful!

Concert Series - Kid Rock (Rebel Soul - Best Night Ever)

With a new Kid Rock album on the horizon it has me thinking of him once again. I have been going to post these photos from the last tour since I took them which was on August 28, 2013. My, has it been that long? Like I said in a post earlier it seems last year was quite a blur for me without doing much but standing back and looking in from afar. For the last couple of months I have been trying to take strides to get more involved in moving forward on things left lying. A little each day seems to be working.  Anyway....
On Kid Rock Day (as we call it around here whenever it's concert day, or me sometimes any day of the week) it started early in the morning poolside for bloody marys and breakfast burritos. Of course, Kid Rock Day is always a vacation day and when it lands in the week it's two days and this was no exception, it was a Wednesday and a hot one at that, So Hott! It was perfect! 
After a morning of swimming, laughing and singing Kid Rock tunes it was time to go get d…

Music Monday - Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Ever since the song Uptown Funk came out I cannot get enough of it. Apparently I am not the only one, it's number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for another week.  It's a fun upbeat tune which is hard to unhear once you've heard it and I'm sure you'll want to hear it again. If you don't believe me, just watch. I love it so much!
I had never heard of Mark Ronson but I have been a fan of Bruno's since I heard Grenade on the radio the first time. I felt like he would take a grenade for me and I wouldn't do the same. He's full of passion. He's also fun and does some mean dance steps. He's everything rolled into one. I could watch him all day long and then watch him the next day too!
If you like what you hear you might want to check out these links to learn more about the guys.  wikipedia-Uptown Funk wikipedia-Mark Ronson wikipedia-Bruno Mars - bruno-mars-helps-mark-ronson-chase-down-uptown-funk - the-…

Ohio State Wins College Football Playoffs National Championship....YAY!

Well, needless to say it was a late night for every Ohio State fan last night. The Ohio State Buckeyes went against the Oregon Ducks in the college football national championship playoffs. It was a great game with Ohio State coming out on top with a win of 42-20. You can see a video and read all the stats here on ESPN. I saw on the news that the party was on in Columbus. I'm sure they were wild in the streets! Speaking of streets, there is very little traffic this morning. Everyone must be in recuperation mode today. The phone has barely rang today either. I'll take it.
Not being much of a sports fan I don't have a lot of garb to wear but I did manage to find these pictures of me and Fadra and me and Jamie from a few years back. We have a little competition going on with our friends from Michigan and we had met halfway for a game. So much fun we should do it every year! Of course, my hubby had to make a call to Michigan last night! lol

A big congratulations to Ohio State!…

I hosted a small baby shower over the weekend

I am excited to say I have a new grandbaby expected to arrive any day now! His name is Grayson and none of us can hardly wait. His due date is January 22nd. We had a scare before Thanksgiving that he was going to be born premature but as it turned out he was breech and that kept him from popping out early. The doctor was able to turn him but it really hurt his mommy. He's all set now. Needless to say the poor girl is miserable although the count down is officially on. If you have ever been pregnant then you know where I am coming from. The last couple of weeks are the worst. I don't see how anyone can say what a great experience it is and I am mainly talking about the last few months here but in my opinion there wasn't much I enjoyed about it at all, except that feeling of life inside of you and the knowing that when it is over you will have that bundle of joy to love....which makes it all worth every minute! Although, those 9 months can seem like 19 sometimes for sure.

My only resolution this year...back to dressing better!

One of my New Year's resolutions (well really the only one since more than one is just one too many) is to do a better job at dressing well on a daily basis. Oh sure I do great when it comes to nights out or special events now but on a daily basis I have gradually digressed back to a basic black skirt almost daily (I finally threw away my old black dress pants or I would probably be sporting those again). Although there is nothing wrong with a black skirt it shouldn't be the same one which you wash just to have it to wear again tomorrow. The shame of it is that I have purchased, thrifted and been the recipient of  plenty of clothes in the last few years when I decided I was a train wreck when it came to clothing myself. A real emergency if you will. I have more than enough clothes to put together lots of great looks now. I really have no excuse other than it's just easier to throw that one black skirt on. I had a lot on my mind last year and, of course, that doesn't h…