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Johnny Winter

I just heard the new song from Johnny Winter on the radio this afternoon and wanted to share. The blues world and the world in general lost a wonderful soul this year. He was in the midst of releasing the new album "Step Back" when he passed away. I cried when I heard the news. The album has been highly anticipated. It comes out September 2nd and features Eric Clapton, Ben Harper, Billy Gibbons, Joe Perry, Dr. John, Leslie West, Brian Setzer and Joe Bonamassa. All are favorites of mine. I can't wait! It doesn't sound like it's going to let us down. My son and I had the pleasure of seeing him a couple years ago from the second row! Pretty awesome! Too bad I only had my phone camera with me. When I was about 13 in 1970 I was so in love with Edgar Winter that I named my dog I got for my birthday that year after him! lol I heard Johnny for the first time way back then too. He is the very reason I love the blues rock genre so much today :o) I miss him already.
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Oh no, black and white...again!

When I was cropping these pictures it occurred to me that in almost all of my posts this summer featuring some sort of outfit I've been wearing black and white. I've been thinking lately about how I am in a rut with things right now and my clothing must be showing it without me even realizing it. Although my first clue should have been that I have been pulling out the same couple of black skirts, same shoes with just a different top here and there to wear to work almost every day. At least I haven't backslid to my old black work pants I wore everyday there for awhile a few years ago! I even put on a red belt with this skirt first and took it back out and replaced it with the black one. What was I thinking? The red belt would have been the pop of color this outfit certainly needs. I'm thinking now that not having or wanting a pop of color is probably my head problem as well. 
The last few years I've been dealing with downsizing and paying off debt and hoping to be …

Family visit

A couple of weeks ago my cousin and aunt visited from Kentucky. We all met at my other aunt's house to look at old pictures and then went to my mom's for a night of playing cards. They decided just the ladies would come up which made for a night of girl talk with lots of laughs! I've been having one of those months since August began and this is one of the few times I've done anything besides work at my job or my home so I'm ready for another visit already. My aunt Claudia bought this top for me on a visit to Florida a few years ago which you can read about here, here and here. I thought she would get a kick out of me wearing it and she did. Sometimes you forget just how much you love your family that you don't see very often. I hope they decide to ditch the guys and come see us again real soon. Or maybe a trip to hills for myself!
You can see how they styled my outfit on the Modcloth Style Gallery. I don't have a lot of photos added of me but I'm real…