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Kitten cuteness overload!

A couple of months ago we discovered that our cat, Fiona, had given birth to four kittens. Three girls and one boy. Oh my, what was I going to do? I knew my hubby and my granddaughter didn't want to hear that we should give them away. After all they were the cutest things! Fiona was a very young cat when she showed up at our house. We started to feed her and she became ours. Sadly before we could domesticate her she was attacked by something and it almost blinded her in one eye. She will still not let you touch her, although she always hangs close by. Last spring she lost a set of kittens by having them away from our house we assumed. That time we could tell she was pregnant but this time one day she kind of looked like it and another she didn't so the kittens were a surprise when they came walking out of the lillies by the side window. There were three female white ones and a male calico tiger. The male looks like the cat my kids had throughout their childhood growing up. Th…

The Oregon District

We had the pleasure of heading to the City on Saturday and having lunch in the Oregon District. Some friends of ours came to visit from Michigan. Since we had went to Cincinnati on a couple of previous visits we decided to head to Dayton this go round. The Oregon District is a small area in the downtown area which is filled with unique restaurants and shops. I am going to have to plan a trip with just my hubby or a girlfriend in order to take a little time and check out all the cool little shops although we did venture into a couple of them. 
It was supposed to rain so I wore a simple black top with a pair of capris and flat sandals. It was perfect for a day of wondering around! We asked a shop owner her opinion on the best place for lunch with a patio and were told that The Trolley Stop had the best food and the prettiest patio. The food was delicious and the atmosphere outstanding. It was complete with a pond, fish and birds. I would say she nailed that one!
We then decided to stop…

Cara Delevingne and a Bear Pose for Vogue

I love popping over to Vogue once in awhile to check out the pretty pictures. I always find something beautiful and unique. I love the 70's bond girl vibe from these! The photos of Cara Delevingne were taken by Mario Testino and you can read the story and check out what she's wearing here. Beauty and the Beast look like they were made for each other!

TV - Under The Dome

Last spring I was so excited to see a blurb on TV that one of my favorite books of all time, Under the Dome, written by Stephen King, was now going to be what I thought was to be a mini-series based on the book. Actually it turned out to be a series now 3 shows into the 2nd season. I had previously heard it was going to be on Showtime and was surprised when I initially saw the commercial on CBS. Thinking to myself they may have a hard time showing all the grit involved in the book on network TV when it occurred to me that I had been watching Hannibal (my favorite new show...sorry Under The Dome) on NBC and it was awesome with a lot of grit so it didn't seem so far fetched that CBS could handle it. I was very excited! Of course, I never expected everything in the book to be spot on but I did expect it to resemble the book. Most screenplays do make changes to books as they become necessary to express people's thoughts through voice so I was looking forward to comparing the two.…

I upgraded my iPod...finally!

I purchased my first iPod in 2006, starting slow with a 2nd generation Shuffle. I loved it so much that it didn't take long until I wanted one that would hold more songs. I received a Nano 3rd generation sometime in 2007 as a gift from my husband and I was quite happy with it. I even took the time to download photos and learn how to use it properly. In 2010 we went to Indianapolis to see Lady Gaga. She was awesome! The fact that someone broke into our car and stole our stereo and my iPod was not! When we got back in town my hubby went and bought me a new stereo and he even threw in a new iPod which by this time was an iPod 5th generation. He is the best! Well, most times anyway :o) Although I didn't quite love it the way I had loved my 3rd generation. I guess it always kind of hung over my head as a reminder of those bad boys in Indiana. In my need to upgrade I sold my 5th generation to my best friend who had lost hers and applied that cash to my new one. Great way to make us…