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Eva Franco

Ok, so I've never been one to worry about what a label on my clothing says but I am all about quality. Some things are pretty much off limits though, like $200 dresses or really expensive shoes. Being on the bottom tier of middle class I just don't have that kind of money. Although I am not above spending the money if it's something I really really want. Most times as long as I know it's something that is well made and going to last me awhile I don't mind as long as it doesn't hurt my pocketbook way too much. I just don't think I would ever want a $200 dress badly enough to spend that kind of money, however, I am not above still badly wanting one. I had been eyeballing a dress by Eva Franco for months on Modcloth which listed for well over $200. I knew I would never buy it but I liked it so I kept it on my wishlist until it was out of stock and no longer available. Every few weeks I do a search for Modcloth dresses on eBay just to see what pops up. A few w…

Finally some sunny days

I've been working a lot lately so I haven't really been doing anything other than that it seems. Although with the weather shifting to prettier days I did mange to get some photos taken. I got a tri-pod awhile back so I could venture off my back porch which I tried for the first time yesterday and it seems to be the ticket. I can't wait to use it when I have more time. Too bad we can't all have a professional photographer at our beckoned call! lol
I purchased this dress last fall during the Modcloth sale. Although temperatures dropped before I had a chance to wear it, I now have a brand new dress that I got for practically nothing. Don't you love that? Not so much in the fall but it's awesome when spring arrives! I have been trying to incorporate some patterns into my wardrobe and I think this fits that bill. I have some others I can't wait to wear. Let's hope the weather cooperates. After a light snow in the middle of this month I guess anything is po…

Photography lately

I am really having a blast figuring out my new photo software, Adobe Lightroom 5. It is awesome! I really have no idea what I am doing yet but it sure is easy so far. I can't recommend it enough! I even finally decided to join SmugMug to showcase my photos. I can't wait to share my site!

Happy birthday to my baby baby boy

Happy birthday to my son Josiah (albeit a few days late) :o)

A daily lipstick I love!

When spring finally arrives, and yes, it has arrived, I saw the fat white guys' bellies shining in the sun outside my work window the other day and that's a sure sign. Anyway let's get that thought immediately back out of our minds and talk about new lipstick. I mostly always wear red lipstick except in the spring. I yearn for something pink! For the workday I really don't worry about whether or not lipstick lasts that long because I can always reapply but I do want it to last. I always wear Cover Girl Outlast lipstick in Ever-Red-dy whenever I want a lipstick that will stay put and that I will only have to reapply once and that's only a maybe. Like when I am going out for the day, have lunch plans or I am doing something after work but unfortunately that color is really the only color I like in that line. In looking for an everyday lipstick, I tried Maybelline Super Stay which was ok but after awhile I found I didn't favor the smell of it. I also tried L'…