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Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you all a very happy thanksgiving and I hope you have a great day filled with lots of great food and fun! My mom is cooking the day of but I have a small turkey I plan to cook over the weekend also. My mouth is watering already!
Turkeys Caramel and Popcorn are presented to the press in Washington DC on November 26, 2013 a-history-of-the-presidential-turkey-pardon

Coat Season

Coat: Modcloth Winterberry Tart Coat
After I purchased this coat it was no longer available but it's currently for sale again on Modcloth. It is a beautiful burgundy color. heavyweight and well made by Steve Madden. I love it!

I decided since I wasn't able to get an outfit picture for this week I would share my coat collection and my wishlist. I definitely have enough coats but I'm hankering for a black one I can wear with dresses. I have two black coats but one is what my mom would call a car coat, you know not long enough to sit on but you can't really call it a jacket. And one has so much fabric it is impossible to wear as an everyday coat. From what I can tell white and pastel coats, especially pink seem to be trending. My hubby got me a pink coat last year, who knew I would for once be ahead of a trend. 
Sweet standing collar coat from OASAP
This coat reminds of my green coat which I really like and is just the right length. Might be the one!

Google Shopping - pink …

Senior Band Night

My oldest granddaughter's senior band night was a couple weeks ago. How in the world do they get so grown so fast?? She is an accomplished clarinet player and intends to continue her musical education into her college years. We are all very proud of her, love her very much and wish her the best on all her musical and education endeavors! I have no doubt she'll do amazing things!

Coat: Steve Madden (Same coat but I took the collar off when I bought it)

A big congratulations to all the senior band members!!!!

Music Monday - Yoko Ono

Rolling Stone -Yoko Ono and friends bust a move in bad dancer video
I found this song by Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band, Bad Dancer, to be one of those that you can't seem to get out of your head once you have heard it and that's ok because I actually think it is a catchy tune! As we all know Yoko is a performance artist and not a singer but she doesn't sound too bad here. The video is cute too with a few folks you might recognize. I haven't heard the whole album and probably never will but I'll give this song two thumbs up! And considering Yoko's age (80) all I can say is...YOU GO GIRL!
//source wikipedia/Yoko Ono
Video: Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Bad Dancer (Official)
Bad Dancer - Plastic Ono Band

Playing in the leaves

It never occurred to me back when we moved to the country that my granddaughter had never raked up leaves and played in them. Since we all lived where there were not many trees none of us had many leaves. She's now an old pro and comes over every year and rakes herself up a big pile. Normally Fadra will play with her but this year she had just been to the beauty shop and so I had to say no. We spent the weekend around the house which meant no makeup for me and my outfit for the weekend consisted of sweatshirts, jeans and pajamas. It sure is nice when you can get by with it every so often!

Top: (Similar)///Jeans: Levis (Similar)///Boots: Ugg Men's brown sweatshirt jacket: (Similar)

Thank you to our US Military!

On this Veteran's Day I just want to say thank you to all those who have served or are currently serving in the US Military. We can all sleep more soundly knowing that you are there to protect our country and keep us all safe. I say a prayer each and every night for everyone to come home safe and sound. My son served in the Navy (that's him in the back on the left in the glasses and crooked hat) and my Dad served in the Army. There are no words adequate enough to say thank you so I'll leave it at that....thank you!!

Video: Kid Rock - Let's Ride (Official)
Let's Ride - Kid Rock

When less is more

It has been pretty great these past couple weeks to be able to grab anything out of my closet and know that it actually fits. It was really worth the time it took to try everything on. I bought this dress last year but it was pushed to the back and forgotten about for some unknown reason. What a shame because I like it so much! That seems to be the case again lately with my clothes, all pushed to the back. And me right back in my rut of wearing the same old stuff. In the autumn of each year is when I usually go through my clothes to get ready for the winter. I usually just pitch stuff that is no longer wearable, give stuff to charity or friends and keep things which look good to me hanging on hangers and/or I have a hunch that I might wear over the wintertime. So rather than rely on hunches this year I decided to try on everything that I wasn't absolutely sure of how it fit. If it looked good on a hanger and not on me then it went into the pile. My closet is not so full anymore b…