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Camera Wi-Fi explained...well a little bit anyway!

On Saturday I was walking by a window in my kitchen when I caught something red out of the corner of my eye and I thought, what is that, a small dog with a red collar?. I peeked out the blinds and to my surprise there sat Woody, that red-headed woodpecker I've been trying to get a picture of for four years now. He was pecking at a tree stump of a dead tree which had just been cut down across the street. He is very sly, even if he's on a tree out back whenever I grab my camera he moves to the other side of the tree just outta sight but still pecking away. Then if I move closer he flies away. It's been infuriating! I went to grab my phone and it occurred to me that I would never get a good zoomed in picture with my iPhone so I went looking for my new camera. I mean, what did it matter, he was likely to be long gone before I got back anyway. Surprise again, there he was. He even appeared to be posing for me :o) I was so excited! Finally a good picture!

Now normally to upload pictures I would have had to fire up my computer which is so slow (due to where I live) that it can be a chore. Then to transfer images from my camera to my phone I email them to myself and save them to my camera roll from my email. A lot of work for a couple of pictures but even with fancy camera apps for my iPhone I'm still not overly impressed with the photos it takes all the time. Besides the camera always uses a lot of juice so I try to keep a camera in my purse too. With my old  point and shoot camera finally giving up I had to have another. One with a little ooomph too! I haven't had much of a chance to take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures here lately so I hadn't taken many with my new Canon Powershot S110 let alone figured out anything much about it. I knew it had a Wi-Fi setting but I figured it would once again play into a slow internet connection and not be of much use to me. You never know until you try, though. I wanted to post that picture of Woody on Instagram and I wanted to do it right then. The camera supposedly had Wi-Fi so why not try it out. So I pulled out the manual and all it said was to connect the camera to your device and/or check the cd for more information. I thought, well here we go...going to have to fire up that computer after all and spend two hours figuring it out. As it turned out I didn't need to fire up the computer or the home internet to hook it up to my phone. Your phone will set up a separate network for the camera. Just remember when connecting to the app to choose the camera network on your phone first or it won't connect. I downloaded the Canon CameraWindow app and after some tinkering I had it ready to transfer images. I was actually flabbergasted that it worked so well! I'm sold! This is the way to take photos if you like to post online. You can also send images to your computer but I haven't gotten that far. I am way too excited about just being able to send them to my phone for now. If you are in the market for a new camera, get one with Wi-Fi capability. I love it and I guarantee you will too! ♥ 

                      Video - The Band Perry - Done (Official)


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