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I finally figured it out! Hipstamatic that is. The daffodils in these pictures are the same group with the above picture being taken with my Nikon J1 camera to serve as a reference point. The rest were taken through the Hipstamatic camera application. Awhile back I was organizing my iPhone and playing with my camera apps (read here) when I realized that I had no idea how to take photos using Hipstamatic. Of course, I could take a picture but maneuvering the app didn't come to me right off the bat. I knew I needed to take a bit of time and learn how to use it properly so I saved it for last. I took a couple of hours one day about a month ago and decided it was time to see what this little jewel was all about.  It's pretty cool!
First of all, after downloading the camera+ app I felt I needed a few more options so after some research I downloaded the kitcam app which I am perfectly happy with. It seems to fit my everyday needs with a few extras built in if I want to expand. When…


Wow, seems like just yesterday I was saying Yay for May and here it is the end of May already. I've had some changes going on which have had me in a holding pattern and I seem to have applied that to all aspects of life lately. Don't you hate that? Hurry up and wait is how I feel right now. And you know waiting is sometimes the hardest part. Especially things that are life changing. I keep telling myself that change is a good thing and to stop worrying. After all, a lot of what is happening has been my choice so why do I feel afraid to move forward. Because it's scary, that's why! Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Say what you have to say. Take up for yourself and hope for the best. No one is sick and thank God for that but it seems everyone has something stressful going on right now whether it be good, not so good or down right bad. Mostly things that will be good in the long run, I hope. Doesn't keep me from feeling like that old song, though, fools …


So happy the weather is finally letting up a bit. The problem with working 8-5 this time of the year is that it's still cold when you get up and then you sit at your window all day watching it warm up when all you want to do is go out and sit in the sun. I've been having a hard time concentrating. I had planned to post this on May Day but I was too busy daydreaming about sitting in the sun. I'm getting spring fever for sure!
I've ordered my new camera and currently awaiting its arrival today. Yay! I decided upon a Canon S110. It appears to have all the bells and whistles I want in a small size. I would have liked to have gotten another Sony Cybershot but I need to use a coupon and points from Office Depot through my office to be able to afford a new one at all after buying the expensive Nikon J1 last fall. However, Office Depot doesn't sell Sony products. Let's hope I love it! There is one more lens available for my Nikon which I hope to get soon and then I…