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Concert Series - Matchbox Twenty

The big day arrived! After all these years I was finally going to see Matchbox Twenty. Their first album came out in 1996 but it was sometime in 1997 that I started listening to them. It was around the same time my hubby and I got together and we played their first album all the time. Mainly on the jukebox while doing the dating thing (and I still play what I can find). That was when you could listen to any song on any album that happened to be on the jukebox. One of my pet peeves now is that you can only play top songs by artists (but that's a bitch session for another time). My favorite song from that album is A Girl Like That which I can longer find on the jukebox (although our local bar just installed an iTunes jukebox which I have heard I can play anything from iTunes through my phone..yay, I'll be trying it out soon :o) I couldn't believe my ears when they played that song at the show. Joy! I have recorded a few of their concerts on tv and I have never heard them pl…

Wedding anniversary

I must say we had a wonderful time celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary! I took a few days off and it was marvelous :o) We headed to Glendale for dinner at the Grand Finale, stopped by the Cock and Bull and then after stopping by the house to let Fadra out we headed out for one more stop. I don't get out much during the week so it was fun going somewhere you normally go on the weekends and meet up with the weekday crowd. Loads of fun!

♥ Dress: Vintage Scott McClintock ♥ Boots: De Blossom ♥ Tights:  JC Penney ♥ Belt: Calvin Klein
♥ Coat: Modcloth Sweet and Spicy Coat

When we reorganized our room to closet and storage space I noticed my wedding dress could use a good cleaning. I had it cleaned after the wedding but it's been hanging in my wardrobe since. I decided why not wear it. Now it probably needs cleaning again but at least it still fit. Last year I wore a red Calvin Klein dress you can see here.

Grand Finale - a beautiful old restaurant we go to almost every year

A Red Rose

♥ Sweater and Blouse: Gifted from my mom ♥ Jeans:  Levi Skinny ♥ Boots:  UGG classic short boots/chocolate
Last week we celebrated my husband's birthday with the family but I wanted to take him out for something a bit more substantial than pizza, cake and ice cream so we headed to Logans Roadhouse on Saturday. I like the atmosphere there and the food is always great. They have buckets of peanuts you eat and throw the shells on the floor. I try to not get full on those before I order but I can't help it. I love them! Of course, there's lots of country music but I heard some classic rock too.  Before we left Art wanted to snap a couple of pictures of me and Fadra. They weren't actually meant to be outfit pictures but I liked them and wanted to share. We had a wonderful time and I even got a present of my own, a beautiful red rose (which, btw, is my favorite flower).  I love the picture I took of the rose the next day. So pretty! And as you can see I finally got my hair…

iPhone Camera Apps

Another item I had on my agenda of things I needed to do was to organize my apps on my iPhone. My granddaughter was over one evening and wanted to take a picture and couldn't figure out what app to use and it occurred to me that I needed to reposition my apps to be more accessible. I don't have that many but they were all willy nilly on my phone. Just the normal ones that you pop into daily or occassionally depending on what you like to look at or read up on. I currently use Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, eBay, MySpace, Facebook, AccuWeather, iHeart radio, Flashlight and iTunes. I just discovered Pose which seems to be Instagram for outfits only. I haven't had a chance to mess with it much but so far it's pretty cool! I'm not into the whole "gotta have this app and gotta have that app" but I do enjoy the ones I have downloaded so far. Sometimes there's just too much new before I get a chance to get a handle on the old. Getting a hold on what I've…

My makeup bag

 Over the weekend I finally went through all my old makeup. After the move I think my makeup case got put away and hasn't seen much daylight since, which basically means I haven't been wearing hardly any makeup other than mascara and lipstick for quite some time. A little concealer for an occasional blemish and maybe a smidge of powder and that's it. I even cut my bangs a couple years ago so I wouldn't have to mess with my eyebrows any more! Ok, maybe that's not the only reason. I like having bangs but it didn't hurt that I could let my eyebrows go without fussing every morning. Of course, I do wear more makeup if I go out on the weekends (even eyebrow pencil) or on a special occasion. I just haven't bought anything new in forever. Because I don't wear alot of makeup it seems to sit in waiting for me so alot of old stuff went straight in the trash. I got a handle on what I needed but since I am not that interested in makeup I don't stay up on the …