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Everybody talks

♥ Dress:  Calvin Klein ♥ Sweater: Calvin Klein (similar on ebay)
I really am very fond of Calvin Klein clothing and have owned many pieces over the years. I find they are well made and if I can find something that fits on sale it's like I've hit the jackpot! Not sure that I am overly crazy about the horizontal stripes but love the feel of this dress. I snatched up the little cropped sweater at Burlington for $5.00 awhile back....jackpot! Working in a small law office it can be so easy to just throw on the same old thing since I really don't see that many people but I feel so much more professional when I dress the part.  I felt like the true professional today in my new dress! I found myself wearing a pair of black dress pants (old ones with no crease or anything) with Ugg boots and a ratty sweater a couple years ago. That's about the time people were trying to buy me clothes although I can buy my own clothes. In their own nice way I think they were telling me I neede…

Lady Gaga in Vogue
Lady Gaga was featured on the cover of this month's Vogue. It's almost the end of September and I just got around to checking out the pictures and reading the article. The pictures taken by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott were not that impressive to me but the article written by Jonathan VanMeter was highly entertaining. He met with her in Tokyo, Japan for the interview. Well worth the read.  

Concert Series - Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer

♥ Dress:  ModCloth (Sorry ladies this one is no longer available) ♥ Sandals: Palomi Sandals ( I found myself wishing I had some red ones) ♥ Purse:  Coach

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending a concert with my son. We were second row at Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer. Edgar Winter has always been special to me. His show was the second one I saw as a teenager and I fell in love. Even named a dog after him that I got as a birthday present when I became 14. My son, being a saxaphonist himself, is also a big fan of Edgar's. Of course, we love Johnny and Rick too but Edgar was who I mainly wanted to see. Going to a concert was something we hadn't done in years so I was very excited to be able to spend the evening with him, just me and him :o) We had the best time talking about photography, music, movies and just fun stuff in general. He gets a big kick out of how excited I get when Edgar shows up! lol He works with our local schoo…

Music Monday - Tristan Prettyman

I had the great pleasure of meeting Tristan back in 2007 along with my bff, Jennifer. She opened for Chris Isaac whom I absolutely love.  Tristan and I even emailed a few times after the show through MySpace. She has a wonderful personality and is a great gal. I am so pleased she finally has a top hit!! She had a slight hit before with Madly but I heard that My Oh My is at 27 on the charts and on the move. Love the new song and so happy for her! Go buy the record!!!!!

She was so awesome up there on the stage all alone. I was really impressed! If you get a chance to go see her you should definitely go :o)
Love that suit!
When I met Chris I froze in one spot and my hubby grabbed my arm and pulled me up to him and all I could say was "I love you".  He said "I love you too honey".  I don't think I have before or since been known to swoon but that is the only possible word to explain it! lol

On a sweatshirt kind of day I wore something else :o)

♥ Shoes - Converse
♥ Shirt/Sweater/Belt - Burlington Coat Factory
♥ Shorts - Levis

On a cool day like today after it stormed all night, when it's still summer so the afternoon is warm, I would normally throw on a sweatshirt but today I said no to the temptation. I am so pleased that I did! The fashionistas are rubbing off on me....well a little anyway :o)

I found this great picture of my dad while trying to find another picture of something totally different. I thought he was the coolest and I guess he was ♥

I blame it on Fight Club! My Pottery Barn obsession that is!

After closing on our house the end of May which you can read about here it was time to make our house our home. I had been doing online research about making the most of small spaces and so I had plenty of ideas floating around in my head. The main things I kept reading over and over were to keep only items that you truly love and find a place to display those items. Everything else you don't use, love or have to have, you should sell, throw away, give away or donate. Good advice! Also a place for everything seemed a must. One of the things that I planned to implement was to hide everything that was not pleasant to the eye with something that was pleasant on the eye. You know you need that space heater, hair dryer and extra toilet paper but they are not much for decoration. I've always been a fan of decorative boxes and baskets but more for their look rather than to actually use them for storing items. This was a huge mistake! Everything that can hold something should.  And s…

WOW, over 10,000 views!!

It was thrilling to pop in today and see that my small spot on the internet has been viewed over 10,000 times now. Yay! I know that's not alot for some folks but it was thrilling for me. I love the blogging world! I have been so inspired by others. I am currently trying my hand at learning photography. With a new camera in hand I took my first pictures tonight. With the weather cooling some I hope to be posting a bit more so I hope you will enjoy my photos as well as my stories. Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be shooting pictures like a pro before you know it!
Nikon J1

The above picture was taken with my Nikon Coolpix camera (which is a small point and shoot model) and the bottom one with my new camera. Both were taken on auto mode and I can see a difference. I thought if I was going to learn photography I wanted a nicer camera to work with. I plan to learn to use my point and shoot fully also. This is going to be fun!

Happy Labor Day!

♥ Dress: ModCloth
♥ Sandals: So

I've got the house to myself today, it's raining with the windows open, I have Coffeehouse playing on Sirius radio and I am playing on the computer while Fadra sits on the bed watching squirrels gather nuts. What could be better for a bit of relaxation? Well, other than when Fadra decides she'd like to go through the screen after the squirrels :o)

I wore this outfit the other night for a date night with my hubby. In thinking back this is the same dress I wore for my first post on this blog which you can see here. Hard to believe that has been a year and a half ago. Time goes by so quickly. The picture is horrible but I love the dress and still do! I have just recently purchased my first slr camera. I got a Nikon J1 which is a basic in between camera. Just what I thought I needed. I've just began to learn the basics and it will take some time for it to sink in but I am enjoying the learning process. Since my new camera is so new and I st…