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Rain sweet rain....finally!

It's raining, it's pouring, I had to go stand in the mist a minute.

Posting for the first time on my cell. Let's see if this works :)

UPDATE: The above was posted through the Blogger app for iPhone and was my first attempt. As you can see it worked well. Surprisingly pleased that the pictures posted bigger than I had anticipated. I figured they would be tiny. I also got an app that gave me a bunch of tips for iPhone and wanted to try out the volume button as the shutter button to take a picture. That also worked well! I found it extremely easy and I look forward to using the option more in the future. Perfect for remote posts or if you just don't want to fire up your computer. As I've said many times...I love my iPhone!!!!!

oh, and thankfully it's still raining. My poor flowers might just make it after all :o)

New No Doubt song...Settle Down! I'm so excited I can't!

I know I really need to be trying on some clothes and doing some outfit posts but it's so hot! And yes, I will take a little cheese with my whine and come to think of it I would love to have some wine too :o)

Anyway, I love No Doubt and I am so excited about some new music from them! Gwen's last solo attempt didn't impress me much but I do adore her lipstick line Infallible which you can see the commercial for here. It is not a true long last as it will come off if you are touching anything with your lips but a nice work lipstick or if you are able to reapply after eating, etc. It's not all icky though and I love all the color choices. It's made by L'Oreal and is a must for your summer makeup bag.

Back to No Doubt....well, what can I say other than it's been way too long! Love it!!

How hot is too hot, really? (btw, that is grass in the background)

Music Monday - Madonna


This Madonna song Turn Up The Radio is by far my favorite from her new album. Video is pretty plain for Madonna but her road trip looks fun and I absolutely love this song because that is exactly what I do....turn the music up! You can see her video Girl Gone Wild from my former blogpost here.
All in all I really like her new album. There's alot of bitterness mixed with unhappiness but at the same time uplifting music. I only skip over a couple songs so that's a win in my book ♥

Friday the 13th - Superstitions

wikipedia - Friday the 13th - friday the 13th -13-freaky-facts-friday-the-13th
I must admit that I am superstitious and I do think it's silly but I can't shake it sometimes. No real reason why that I can come up with but I do throw salt over my shoulder if I spill any, I knock on wood sometimes when talking, I do not walk under ladders or open an umbrella indoors. I hate to see a black cat cross my path and heaven forbid I would ever break a mirror! Seven years of bad luck! My poor soul couldn't take it! lol I don't go as far as staying indoors on Friday the 13th but my dad did break his leg one year so he got a little paranoid after that :o) I love scary movies and tv shows so that probably contributes as well but one can never be too careful. I tell myself being a little paranoid is a good thing. Be safe today ♥  

If you are on instagram you can follow one cool Japanese black cat @ryotukoro. He gets around more than I do! You can …

Summer Storm

I am going to have to retract my statement about the weather. In my last post I stated..."the hotter the better". Well, be careful what you wish for! We've had record breaking 3 digit temps almost every day since then along with an 81 mph wind storm which knocked out electric and lots of area trees. That was also the only rain we have gotten and everything is drying up. I even heard on the radio a warning about not wearing shoes. The grass is so dry it will cut your feet. Ouch! Thankfully, rain is expected this weekend. Of course, it's all my fault for wishing for hot temps :o)

I do love this pic I got out of the bunch, though!