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Ever feel like fussing over a dandelion?

My hubby and I have been squabbling a bit but we tend to to do that sometimes. I normally don't share the drama of my life but I'd say lately if we were in a sitcom it would be very popular. We do love each other but we can certainly get on each other nerves too as all couples at sometimes do. When stress levels hit a high it seems I develop a low tolerance to bullshit which I say he's full of. He says I get mean but I must disagree, me way! I've just got too much emotional stuff going on right now and to top off my week I came in to work today and a coke I had forgotten in the freezer had exploded.  All my hubby seems to be worried about is getting the grass mowed on a sunny day before all the dandelions are bloomed out and flying all over the yard. I realize that is important too and that I am probably just wanting to fight because I'm stressed but the way I am looking at dandelions right now is that they just come right back so why bother. I've probably been picking on him but oh well such is life.

When we get to the point of "enough said" we just ignore each other for a few days until all is well and forgotten but in the meantime neither of us wants to go to the store to buy stuff. Currently we are out of paper towels, bar soap and laundry detergent  We don't eat together and so we each try to bring in a better dinner than the other one has.  And stuff like making sure whoever has control of the tv at the time is watching something the other doesn't like. Our double bed is rather cramped when we are both trying to take it all up also. Poor Fadra doesn't know where to sleep and it tends to be on my head.  I've even been taking his morning paper when I leave the house in the morning since I paid for the subscription last time and he won't take the car to fill it up or wash it like he usually does. Little annoying things of that nature. He wants to play, hey I can play :o)

So anyway I get a call this morning from him stating that it was another pretty mean thing I did. I couldn't think of anything I had done other than steal his paper which I had been doing the last couple days and he hadn't said a thing so I was at a lost. I'm like, ok what did I do now? I couldn't believe my ears. He said I had taken out his hairspray and sprayed his half-full can dry so he couldn't spray his hair this morning!!!  Can you believe that? With everything going on he actually said I had taken the time to spray his hairspray can dry!! OMG, I had to start laughing at that one! That was such a good idea and I missed it! I told him he better watch out because I was out to get his shampoo, his cologne AND his toothpaste next!!! lol 

Such blissfulness is married life ♥


  1. Hi dear, sounds like an extremely stressful week, I do hope that everything eases up and sorts itself out. Good luck hun :)


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