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I just had one of those WTH moments!

Ok, so I was suppose to work through lunch since I'm trying to make up a bit of time I took off with my dental surgery and I'm also behind in my work. But right before lunchtime my boss (the one that is still in town) asked if I could drop something off at the post office today so I was all for that since it was such a pretty day and hey I'll get it all done, right? After all I was on his dime so I still got credit for my hour. Sweet! Since I usually go home for lunch I wasn't sure how to waste my hour so I decided I'd go to the post office, get a bite through the drive-thru and then run my car through the car wash and take the long way back which wouldn't take the whole hour so no reason to feel guilty. Go for a little ride to finish blowing the water off and enjoy the sunshine and some lively music. A break in the craziness that is Monday in a law office was welcomed so at noon off I went.

I got all my running around done and I had traveled the couple roads that I could drive 55 on so my car was all blown off and it was time to head back to work the rural way. I was sitting 2 cars back at a stop sign that stops my side and the side across from me which also had two cars waiting. The main road has the right of way with no stops. I'm sitting there listening to John Fogerty sing about Sugar Sugar and how much I loved that song and how I needed to see if there was a video for my blog when bam, this car comes out of the blue across the street down the main road and hit a huge rock (you know one of those that you need a piece of equipment to move it because it's so big and heavy), the car bounced over it and the rock rolled, he then skidded all over the yard and then came skidding back out onto the main road and took off like a scalded dog. OMG! All I could think of was what the hell was that!!! I think all of us were in shock since no one moved an inch and when I looked over the car that was first at the stop sign across the road had mud all over it. I mean all over it! I guess they are lucky that maniac didn't hit them with his car. However, I am so glad I was on the other side of the road since I had just washed my car :o) After a bit everyone moved on and I turned the same way he was traveling but never came up on him in anyone else's yard or anywhere else that I saw. I decided it wasn't someone with a medical emergency but yet a wild person that shouldn't have been on the road so it was ok to laugh. He probably headed home to clean his pants! With the day I have been having I do believe everyone had a bit too much Irish spirit over the weekend ♥

I don't like to post without a picture so I thought I would feature a picture of the lovely Fadra I took yesterday. She was telling me there were squirrels running around aggravating her. I told her I couldn't help it :o) They are pretty wild this time of year. Kind of like crazy drivers! What are you gonna do? Be careful and watch out for crazy squirrels (in people form too) ♥


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