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I took this picture of my pretty girl last night. She's just the sweetest thing. After the long winter she's pretty shaggy but will be getting her spring haircut in a couple of weeks. She looks so funny after she is sheared! I'll be sure and do before and after pictures. Last year she looked so embarressed, like she was naked or something. It was so funny! I took a phone picture and sent it out and was laughing at her. Ended up getting in trouble with my mom. She said to stop making fun of her :o) which gave me another laugh! I am so glad it is Friday. I've had a rather stressful week but all is ok. You know mama said there'd be days like I've been having. Thankfully they do pass.  

I had to stop and get gas this morning so I decided to go in to pay so I could get a big Coke with extra ice (I don't drink coffee and it's nice to have ice on these warmer days) and while I was paying I got a nice compliment about my nails from the clerk. I recommended sh…

Buying Flowers - The Oxeye Yellow Daisy

This time of year I always find myself looking forward to digging in the dirt and thinking of pretty flowers. I love planting flowers and making the yard look nice. I'll leave the cutting of the grass, the edging and weedeating to my hubby, though. Although I do, on occasion, do those things. I'm not uncapable, just don't want to :o) That part can turn into hard work and I'd rather play in the flowerbeds :o) We first moved into our new home a few years ago and when we moved in we didn't even have a driveway so I had to start from scratch and I do mean scratch. The home was remodeled and new but the yard was one big mess! I've done a bit each year so far and it's looking pretty good but I still need more flowers which seems to always be the case. I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing living next to a creek because creek rock reminds me of flowerbeds which makes me wantmore flowers.
I am currently in the market for summer flowers and for somethi…

Music Monday - Gotye ft. Kimbra


This song is quite haunting for some reason. Every time I hear it I want to hear it again. I love it ♥

A Spring Poem

Spring in my step Spring in the air Spring! Spring! Lingering everywhere.
Spring fever to follow, But I don't care, Spring, for new journeys, I'll meet you there!
Where? By the garden gate, You silly thing, It's an invitation to frolic So let's begin to sing. It's Spring!                                                                              - author unknown

Vogue - Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris

photographed by Tim Walker
I love the photography in Vogue. They always have such beautiful photos! They are remodeling the Paris Ritz and these are some of the last photos taken there. You can read the story and see more pictures here.

I just had one of those WTH moments!

Ok, so I was suppose to work through lunch since I'm trying to make up a bit of time I took off with my dental surgery and I'm also behind in my work. But right before lunchtime my boss (the one that is still in town) asked if I could drop something off at the post office today so I was all for that since it was such a pretty day and hey I'll get it all done, right? After all I was on his dime so I still got credit for my hour. Sweet! Since I usually go home for lunch I wasn't sure how to waste my hour so I decided I'd go to the post office, get a bite through the drive-thru and then run my car through the car wash and take the long way back which wouldn't take the whole hour so no reason to feel guilty. Go for a little ride to finish blowing the water off and enjoy the sunshine and some lively music. A break in the craziness that is Monday in a law office was welcomed so at noon off I went.
I got all my running around done and I had traveled the couple roads …

Spring must be here, the daffodils are in bloom

After staying up last night till all hours watching the Leprechaun movies I must be running a little slow this morn. It was such a beautiful morning I decided to take some pictures of my daffodils, which are just now beginning to bloom. I then decided to do a draft post but I posted this post by accident without anything in it! lol I had planned to post it later and add all kinds of goodies about the beautiful daffodil but alas I must post. I guess I really should get some rest because while messing around the other day I ended up following myself! I had to laugh at that one but then I found it's pretty cool looking at my stuff in the mix with everyone else in the reader. I love the google reader! If you are not using it you should :o)
Have a beautiful Sunday! I'll be heading to bed early tonight ♥

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

I think I am mainly descended from hillbillies but by the looks of me I have to have some Irish in me somewhere :o) So pucker up ♥

♥ Green top - vintage ♥ Belt - vintage ♥ Grey sweater - Country Shop, Italian yarn - thrifted for $5.00 :o) ♥ Black skirt - Ralph Lauren ♥ Moccasins - Minnetonka

I love the zippers on the back of the moccasins! I have found that due to the handstitching of the shoes I need to wear socks for comfort, though.

St. Patrick's Day was gorgeous today! I have my green on so no pinching :o) The skies were a beautiful shade of blue and nature blooming all shades of green. Spring is so refreshing. Today was the first time I tried out my tripod for some natural photography. I was pleased with the results but my camera only takes one picture at a time on the timer so  it was a little time consuming but fun nonetheless. I might get the hang of this after all ♥

I look like I've just been put under the Leprechaun's spell. Oh No!!!!

I sure enjoyed romping around…

A lonely flower on a sunny day

I spotted this little flower walking in to work this morning. It was a bud looking rather lonely sticking up all by itself. At lunchtime I noticed it had opened in the sunlight and I thought what a pretty picture it would make. It's a beautiful day here and I think this flower defines how we are all feeling with the sunshine shining! Let me feel it on my face! We may even break the record high. It's supposed to be close. Fadra had to go to the beauty shop today at lunchtime so rather than driving home I went and got some gas ($3.89 a gallon, yikes!) and picked myself up one of those new Doritos Tacos from Taco Bell. Boy, was that tasty! I had a little time left so I took the long way back to the office and listened to some tunes. I could have kept right on driving! Too bad I have to get back to work :o( but my boss is in Florida so while the cat's away you know what the mouse has to, play and play some more ♥  
A couple of months ago I posted a cool video whic…

Snow one day, Flowers the next

Monday was my oldest son's birthday and this is the first time we can remember that it snowed. Yesterday the temperatures reached almost 60 and I had flowers blooming around the house. Crazy weather we are having for sure!

I've been recuperating from periodontal surgery I had on the 22nd of February on the right side of my mouth. Other than going to work I haven't been doing anything. Only soft food and liquids for 2 weeks plus they cover your gums with a putty type material and it kept gagging me. Thankfully I finally got it off yesterday so no gagging but oh my how sensitive. Hitting the drug store for Synsodyne toothpaste and Ibuprofen at lunch :o)

I took Fadra for a walk around the yard yesterday to take pictures of the flowers and it wore the poor girl out. Tried to root me right up while I was reading but finally got comfortable taking up the whole bed. She was even snoring! 

And I thought I was getting a purse dog! I'd have to have a saddlebag to carry her a…