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Pantone's 2012 color of the year

Tango Tangerine wins the prize of being Panatone's color pick for 2012. Red-Orange, really? All I can say is YUCK! I won't be wearing this color due to my red hair but I'm sure it would look lovely on someone with blond hair. I've read that redheads can wear orange tones but they should wear them on their bottom half in a low dose such as a belt or shoes. I would think that advice would also fit for someone who shys away from bright colors but would like to have just a splash of color to brighten up a drab outfit during the cold winter. I do wear shades of red but think I will pass on the tangerine color this time around. You never know it might grow on me.

I must say that I do love the color in this flower print ♥

Tango Tangerines by Carson Art


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I Have Officially Retired My Ugg Boots For The Season
My Ugg boots are probably my favorite shoewear. I love them! My feet have a tendency to get cold but not while wearing these. I have read that men don't like them but I think they are cute as can be and my hubby doesn't complain. Yes, I even like them with shorts. Although I only wear them with jeans. With the sun finally coming out, sadly it's time to place them at the back of my closet.
Top: ModCloth Jeans: Levi's 515
The top I have on is the most softest thing I own and was purchased at my favorite internet clothing shop...ModCloth. It is the The-Great-Estate-Dress and is currently sold out. They have some really cool, unique items. This was listed as a dress but was a bit short for me since you can see through the bottom layer. I pulled it up a bit and it was perfect as a top with my Levis. It would be cute with leggings or a short skirt and tights too.  I'm still trying to get out of my Levis and into some more stylish outfits but I love them so. Still …

Do's and Don'ts for a great summer party playlist!

It's that time of year again, when all I want to do is stay outside. Working inside an office all week gazing out the window at the gorgeous day outside makes me crazy to get out! So when I can be, I'm outside. If I'm working or having fun I always like to have some music playing. Over the weekend I took a bit of time to make a new summer playlist on my iPod which has inspired me to share my do's and don'ts. I think I listened to the summer playlist I made summer before last last summer also, with only adding a few new songs to update it a little. It was time to change it up! My son downloaded all my CD's onto an external hard drive awhile back for me so I had a ton of new stuff to choose from. I'm going to have to take that boy out to dinner! I've been jamming ever since!
These tips are for the folks who always just hit shuffle on their whole collection and may need a little guidance in making a great playlist for themselves or a special occasion or t…

Frozen creek and I've got the dry skin blues

It's the first time I've seen the creek frozen since we moved in. You know it's cold when moving water is freezing! My granddaughter thought dancing on the ice was all fun and games until she ended up face down with a leg in the creek :o) I was taking pictures and I heard a big splatt and a loud giggle. When I turned around, there she lay. Since nothing was hurt we got a big laugh out of it. Fadra didn't know what to make of all the sudden excitement but I think she was just happy she didn't end up along side of Ashley in the creek. They both had a ball sliding around on the ice!

Needless to say with all this below zero weather my skin is so dry it's time to put a little skin therapy into action. I must admit I am notorious for not washing my face properly or putting on body lotion in the wintertime. I do it occasionally (just enough to get by or for a night out) but nothing like everyday. I think it's because I have a tendency to get cold. I want to get …

Music Monday - Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer
//link to flicker image

Edgar Winter is by far one of my favorite artists! He ROCKS! His show was the second one I saw live without my parents when I was about 14. I was hooked! Over the years I have saw him many times, the last being a few years ago when he toured in Ringo's Allstar band (how awesome was that? Totally!). He is currently touring in the classic rock n blues tour with his brother Johnny Winter who is an awesome blues guitarist. To round up the lineup is Rick Derringer who is a member of Edgar's band, you know the All American boy who sang Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo, Leslie West (Mississippi Queen) and Kim Simmonds from Savoy Brown. 3 days till I am second row! I am so excited. I'll be wearing a new ModCloth dress to boot. I'll be telling you all about it soon.  ♥

This video is how the fellows looked back in day. Ohhhlalala on the skin tight bodysuit Rick is wearing. After all it was the 70's :o) Now you see why I liked them for mor…

Music Monday - Laura Wilde

Last week was vacation time for me. I mainly just wanted to get away from work but I managed to stay off the computer as well. I hadn't had an entire week off since last May. Yikes! Needless to say I was in need. It was the first time I have taken off for some time without going anywhere or having anyone visit. It was nice to say the least! Of course, I didn't want to stay home the entire time so we planned a couple of things close to the house. One thing happened to be going to see Ted Nugent. I knew his show would be a lot of fun but the surprise of the evening happened to be the opening act, Laura Wilde. One word is all I can say....Awesome!!!!
She is a 23 year old rocker from Melbourne Australia. Talk about making a guitar talk, that girl has it going on. She has quite the gift! Plus she is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan. Who could ask for more? I told her my youngest son was also a huge TMNT fan and would love her and she said to bring him to see her and hook her up! …

Music Monday - Stevie Nicks

Source: Stevie Nicks Official Site
Needless to say I am a huge Stevie Nicks fan! Having graduated in 1976, Fleetwood Mac music was a big part of my teenage years and I still listen to them quite often. I made a greatest hits of my own a few years ago which I keep in one of the slots on my home cd player all the time. I have seen Fleetwood Mac numerous times and was able to see the band when all the original members reunited in 1997 around the time of my 40th birthday. That was some big fun! I went with some girlfriends. We dressed up and did our best Stevie hairdos and had a ball. I also saw her as a solo artist a few years ago. Sheryl Crow was a backup singer which made it a unique concert. I thought Sheryl would play first and then Stevie but as it turned out Sheryl didn't play a set by herself at all but they did do a couple of her songs. All I can say is that was an awesome show! My bff and I got lost leaving the venue and had to walk around a pond to get to the parking lot wh…

Blog Links

With the new security browser rules and Modcloth changing affiliates you may find some of my links are not connecting. I have been slowly removing code and trying my best to make sure the links work although I am sure I will not be able to locate everything which is broken but I'll go with a for sure, almost, maybe 😎 I'll keep working on it and I apologize if anyone comes across a broken link. It's been fun going through some old posts. I'm enjoying getting back in the swing of things!
Modcloth Fall for a Good Cosmopolitan Top
Converse tennies in seasonal green

Music Monday - Kid Rock (Sweet Southern Sugar)

Kid Rock’s latest release Sweet Southern Sugar hit airwaves Friday, November 3. I anxiously awaited my postman on Saturday since I had preordered the CD. He didn't let me down and it arrived about noon.  Since I didn't have anything going on I popped it in and turned it up. I loved it from start to finish and didn't feel the urge to skip over any of the songs. That's what I call a great album! On the last few albums there's been at least one that I skip over and with the name of the new album I thought maybe he might slip completely over that sugar mountain. Luckily for me, most of the tracks are rockin' rock 'n roll which I love. Not much of a country fan so I was tickled! Now with a week of listening under my belt I'd have to say this is by far one of his best albums. 

I had already heard the first three songs and saw the videos for those. Greatest Show on Earth is a strong start with a pounding beat. The video is lots of footage from previous concer…

Music Monday - Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Why yes, that is me with Noah Hunt, lead singer for the Kenny Wayne Shepherd band! This photo was taken at a local venue in 2009 when he was traveling solo with Blues Traveler. He's a Cincinnati boy so he wasn't far from home. Looks like we have both cut our bangs since then. I am thrilled to see he is back with Kenny Wayne for his new album, Goin' Home. I have been a fan since the beginning and I have seen them many times. One of my all time favorites to see live. I love love love the new album!

//source: Kenny Wayne Shepherd on Facebook
Kenny Wayne's dog, Dodge. He's a handsome fellow!

Video:  Kenny Wayne Shepherd - You Done Lost Your Good Thing
Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Did I say that I LOVE the new album? Yes I do, I do, I do!

I've been missing John Lennon lately

//source "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." - John Lennon
I like the way John thinks. I always have. He is my favorite Beatle after all :o) Growing up an only child living in the country The Beatles kept me entertained and I feel blessed to have been born at the time when their music was coming out new. It was pretty awesome hearing the new albums as they came out and watching them on tv and in the movies. I've been talking about wasting time here lately and also listening to a lot of Beatles tunes for some reason (along with Happy Xmas (War Is Over) playing every hour on the hour), it has me missing John more than ever. When I came upon the above quote earlier today it made me smile. I definitely try to enjoy my time wasted so I guess I am not wasting time after all! lol Sounds like words to live by! John Lennon

//source//dentist-wants-to-clone-john-lennon Lennon Eyeglas…