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With A Change In The Weather Out Come The Tights

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous this week which is a major plus after a little cold spell. Not to mention my upcoming birthday is always more fun if the weather is pretty. It can go either way this time of year but this year looks like the weather is going to be sunny and over 80. Love it! 
Tights are a must-have accessory when transitioning from summer to fall. They add value in a gazillion of ways. They can extend the life of your favorite floral dress, adding a touch of coziness and a dash of style. They’re ideal for layering and are practical for wrapping your legs in warmth when dashing around as leaves fall to the ground.
Although this time of year can still have beautiful hot afternoons, the morning and evenings can still get a bit chilly which for me means bringing out something to keep my legs beloved tights! I also pulled out my Modcloth dress I got in the spring which was a little too heavy for springtime so I have been looking forward to wearing it.

Tights:  Leggs
Boots:  Mootsie Tootsie

When I first starting working years ago waiting tables an older lady I worked with told me I should always wear support hose so I would not get varicose veins. That was back in the day when all waitresses wore dress uniforms.  I was hesitant because back then the support hose were like wearing some sort of medical stocking, thick and tight and needless to say not attractive at all! Around that same time the L'eggs brand of hose emerged. Their sheer support panty hose were perfect. They were like Goldilocks porridge...not too hot and not to cold. That was when they actually came in a little plastic egg which was so cute and useful too. They could hold all kinds of goodies. Hated to see those go by the wayside! So I have tended to stay with the Leggs brand over the years and I must say I don't have any noticiable veins in my legs whatsoever. Now whether or not those hose had anything to do with it is beyond my guess but I've always thought it couldn't have hurt. Today’s hosiery has evolved from being discreet and basic to patterned, colorful, and artful. Choose the right one, and it can take an outfit from drab to fab.

Nowadays there are tons of choices to be made in hoisery and tights. I have been wanting to try a Spanx product but was thinking more in line of bodywear but in checking out their website I was surprised to see they offer a great selection of legwear, from leggings to socks and all the hoisery in between. You can check them out here. 

Not sure that I am that wild about some of the new styles. As you know I tend to lean towards black but may have to try a colored pair at the very least.  I have read that hose with dots are the latest craze and I think they have a pretty lady-like appeal. I think I may just have to try a pair of these.
Very pretty!

Advice from on how to wear colored tights:

As you've already noticed, the main fashion items that change in each season are the accessories. When you're refreshing your wardrobe with a new handbag, a new pair of shoes, or even a pair of colorful tights, it makes you more excited to match them with what you've already got. Investing in tights in different colors and prints are a great way to refresh and diversify your outfits.

Here are some tips on how to match and wear them with style!

If you choose to wear colorful tights, there are some things you should avoid - they won't quite match with colorful dresses with big prints (the tights are already colored). When wearing block colored tights, opt for shoes in neutral shades.

Wearing tangerine tights would be the most fashionable look for this winter. To avoid looking like you dressed for Halloween, don't wear them with black clothes, but with darker browns or other lighter colors. If you'd rather be adventurous, a shocking color mix with contrasts can offer you a dynamic, astonishing look. In this case, you can try plaid prints with colored tights and a pair of boots.

The red tights are the ones that call for black and may be the easiest way to create a winter holiday look. Matte or glossy tights? Well, the matte ones will make you look slimmer, but the shiny ones look glamorous and classy.

Natural and black tights emphasize your clothes and gorgeous legs. It is the easiest way to create a sophisticated but still polished look and keep your legs warm during the cold season, while looking very trendy.

There are three simple ways to match them to your outfit:
- match the tights with your dress or shoe color.
- choose to make contrasts and wear yellow shoes to a purple dress for example; or primary colors, which will make the contrasts even bigger.
- wear plaid print tights and keep your clothes neutral and simple for a preppy look.

Also, pay attention to your body shape! Bright colored tights are best worn by girls with long slim legs; just keep in mind, the thicker the legs, the darker the tights. If you want to create the illusion of longer and slimmer legs, try purple/plum shades. You can match them with neutral shades, lighter browns, or even nude, camel colored wools for winter. Also, you can get the same slimmer, longer illusion of legs if you match them to your shoes' color - the effect will instantly elongate your legs.

Neon colored tights are more extreme and easy to match with jeans and boots.  A more important thing to pay attention to would be the prints. Try to avoid big prints, horizontal stripes, or very colored printed tights. These will thicken your legs and are very hard to match. If you still decide to wear printed tights, just keep the rest of your look as simple as you can.


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Now this is a fashion statement if I ever saw one.
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