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Summertime And The Living Is Easy...Let's Wear Yellow!

Both my hubby and my bff love the color yellow. Me, not so much.  My hubby purchased this sundress for me some time ago and I do believe it is the only piece of yellow clothing I own. He used to buy me yellow items until I told him I didn't really think I looked that good in yellow so my closet has dwindled down to this one piece. I like this style of dress and with the heat reaching record degrees this summer it's great for running in and out of air conditioning at work and home.  Still not crazy about the color on me. I do love my mary janes.

I found a new website which is just full of information on everything. - Your Source for Knowledge
Here's what they have to say about wearing the color yellow:
Yellow is a color that immediately grabs your attention in the most direct way possible. It's used liberally in various warning signs and labels. It's bright, loud, and holds the eye instantly, even more so than white. It's a color representative o…