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An Art Find on Etsy!

First off I love looking through all the beautiful artistic pictures you can find on the internet by independent artists. They are amazing! Being a redhead I like to search for ginger gals like myself. Also, all the gothic type drawings are gorgeous. I am going to be revamping my extra bedroom/computer room soon and I want it to be bright with colors and unique wall hangings so I thought I'd check out etsy. I found a unique shop and just ordered a print by Nina Friday. It's a redhead girl who even has blue eyes like myself. Most redheads have green eyes. Trouble is her name. Love it! It will go perfect with my sad clown canvas I have already in the room. I will have to list a little more information about him later as I can't remember the artist name. It's one of those pictures that you either love or hate. Some folks say it looks as it may come to life and kill them! lol  I love it, though!

Dreaming of Paris this Morning

It is still raining which is making me blue. Day after day it keeps falling. I believe we have broken the last record set in 1936. I was just thinking how nice it would be to get outta here and go somewhere dry. I guess Las Vegas would be my best bet since it's in the desert but for some reason my thoughts have turned to Paris. Wouldn't that be nice? Too bad I'm not part of the jet set so I will only be visiting in my mind. A girl can dream, can't she?

These Alexander McQueen boots could walk me right through inches of water :o) Alexander McQueen

Or maybe this little fellow could just lift me over the flood! He looks pretty strong but he's going to have to put on some clothes before he starts carrying me around! lol

The Daily Beast - Paris Fashion Photo Gallery

Tip For Watching Video With a Slow Internet Connection

As I've mentioned before we moved into the country a couple of years ago and along with downsizing we also had to give up our cable hookup and go with satellite. Apparently there's not enough of us on this side of the creek for the cost to lay the cable. We decided to go with Dish Satellite which I've been satisfied with but we have to have a dish for the tv and a separate dish for the internet which I could have done without on the outside of my house but you have to do what you have to do. The satellite internet is expensive also so don't complain about your cable :o) It does run quicker at the beginning of the month but by the end of the month is as slow as molasses. I did get the middle package to avoid dial up speed but wasn't going to spend all the extra money on the top package. I mean I was wanting to downsize my life and my budget and I don't spend alot of time online anyway.

I was mainly disappointed because I could not watch videos without them stop…

Empire Waist Dresses...I love them!

I love the empire waist dress style. They give you room to move!
I know I said I was getting away from black and had to laugh when I looked at what I picked to wear today. Black from head to toe! Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Dress: Style & Co. Tights: Leggs Shoes: Mootsie Tootsie

Empire waist dresses have a waistline directly under the bust which creates a flowing appearance that is universally flattering. The cut of empire waist dresses is extremely forgiving and hides trouble spots while accentuating the positives of the female physique. An empire waist dress is extremely versatile, and the dress can go from casual to formal with a few simple changes.
Focus on shoes. Shoes define the empire waist dress. For a casual look, wear sandals. For workdays, wear flats or low heels. Pumps and high heels give the empire waist dress a sexy makeover for a date or night out. Make sure the shoes are also appropriate for the length of the dress. An empire wais…

I Have Officially Retired My Ugg Boots For The Season
My Ugg boots are probably my favorite shoewear. I love them! My feet have a tendency to get cold but not while wearing these. I have read that men don't like them but I think they are cute as can be and my hubby doesn't complain. Yes, I even like them with shorts. Although I only wear them with jeans. With the sun finally coming out, sadly it's time to place them at the back of my closet.
Top: ModCloth Jeans: Levi's 515
The top I have on is the most softest thing I own and was purchased at my favorite internet clothing shop...ModCloth. It is the The-Great-Estate-Dress and is currently sold out. They have some really cool, unique items. This was listed as a dress but was a bit short for me since you can see through the bottom layer. I pulled it up a bit and it was perfect as a top with my Levis. It would be cute with leggings or a short skirt and tights too.  I'm still trying to get out of my Levis and into some more stylish outfits but I love them so. Still …

Bubble Bath Music - Adele

I love Adele's song "Rolling In The Deep". I downloaded her new album and I love the whole album. She has a great voice and from seeing her video a great sense of style too. The album is what I call bubble bath music.  I love to fill the tub to the brim with good smelling bubbles and relax to music of this nature. You know the type.....all about the heartbreak of love. Bath and Body Works Do you have any favorite bubble bath music?