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Next high heels? Maybe!

What is it about red heels? My first pair of shoes that had any kind of a heel on it were red. They were my favorite pair until I couldn't wear them anymore. Then somewhere in the 80's I had a pair of red heels that I wore with mini dresses and lacy socks. I had some big fun in those shoes. We were all styling in the 80's for sure!
I watched the movie Kalifornia over the weekend (you know it's that movie where Brad Pitt is his nastiest ever..yuck!) and noticed Early got Adele a pair of red heels for her birthday, of course he killed some poor girl for them but Adele thought it was the best present ever. She was an innocent but she said she felt just like a princess. Made me remember my red heels. I think I may just have to get myself a new pair. Don't worry I'll be going to the mall. high heels

Did you ever own a pair of red high heels?

High Heels - Modcloth

The Sun Shining Has Me Thinking About Color!

Don't you find when the sun is shining all the colors are so much brighter? Some not so nice (as in all the mud from the rain and snow) but mostly everything looks so much better. It may just be me since I am so tired of winter that I'm getting a bit too excited about a sun shiney day but I am excited. I'm going to have to stop and get me some new shades somewhere :o)
Along with the sunshine bringing out all the colors I have recently realized practically every piece of clothing I own is black. I certainly need some new colors in my wardrobe. I always check the pantone chart in the fall and spring to see what the colors of the seasons are so I can make some crochet baby items in those colors so baby can match their stylish mom but have never followed the trends myself. Time to change all that. If you are not aware of what the pantone color system is, it is  largely a standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different …