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Glad to see old man winter almost gone!

It's actually been a pretty mild winter for us here in the midwest, or in my area anyway. The snow in the picture has melted and if it wasn't still so cold it would be pretty nice. That darn groundhog anyway! I could have done without the six more weeks of winter.
What better way to forget about the weather than to do some shopping. I have been redecorating some in my small house getting a jump on spring cleaning. I finally got rid of my 20 year old couch and loveseat. YAY! I got a new loveseat, recliner and accent chair. Until buying this new furniture I didn't realize they are making loveseats as big as couches now. What was the size of a loveseat is now considered a chair and a half. I had to giggle at that. I guess the population really is getting bigger which has given way to bigger furniture. No way a couch I would buy now would fit where my old one did so it actually saved me money. I got a perfectly good sized loveseat for far less than the couch pricetag for the …
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American Badass Portable Grill

Still being in Kid Rock mode since the new album is out I thought I would share some pictures of my new grill I got this summer. I had been in the market for a small grill for some time. I have no room for storage of a large grill and besides with just me and my husband most times it was not a practical purchase. I have looked and even purchased a small grill a few years ago. It cost about $40 and was lucky to make it through one summer. It was small but was cheaply made with uneven spiderly legs. I actually felt it was not safe to use. To the trash it went!
When Kid Rock introduced the grill this spring of course I knew I had to have one. I was in the market and didn't just want it to say I had to have it, I really needed it. The charcoal grill is $99.95 or 5 payments of $19.99 on your credit card or bank account. I purchased the charcoal grill because that is a personal preference. You can also purchase a gas-grill which is $124.95 or 5 payments of $24.99.  Free standard shippi…

Music Monday - Kid Rock (Sweet Southern Sugar)

Kid Rock’s latest release Sweet Southern Sugar hit airwaves Friday, November 3. I anxiously awaited my postman on Saturday since I had preordered the CD. He didn't let me down and it arrived about noon.  Since I didn't have anything going on I popped it in and turned it up. I loved it from start to finish and didn't feel the urge to skip over any of the songs. That's what I call a great album! On the last few albums there's been at least one that I skip over and with the name of the new album I thought maybe he might slip completely over that sugar mountain. Luckily for me, most of the tracks are rockin' rock 'n roll which I love. Not much of a country fan so I was tickled! Now with a week of listening under my belt I'd have to say this is by far one of his best albums. 

I had already heard the first three songs and saw the videos for those. Greatest Show on Earth is a strong start with a pounding beat. The video is lots of footage from previous concer…

To be a dog person I sure have a lot of cats!

I have always considered myself a dog person because I like dogs better than I like cats. Cats are just too standoffish for me or at least the feral ones that I always have are. Very aloof and so irritating! 
I have had many dogs getting my first one at age 4. He was the runt of the litter and I named him Tootsie. He went everywhere I went growing up horseback riding, riding bikes or walking I remember he was always there. He lived until I was 22. I had multiple dogs sometimes and then I went for a few years with no pets whatsoever when I lived in the burbs. Then a few months after we moved back to the country my hubby wanted to buy me a puppy. I wanted a Bischon after watching a little one win the Westminster a few years beforehand. Her name was easy as I had been hearing the old song Some Velvet Morning by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra. It kept popping up on my iPod so Fadra is her name. She is the best little furry buddy a girl could ask for!
I don't think I ever specificall…

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With the new security browser rules and Modcloth changing affiliates you may find some of my links are not connecting. I have been slowly removing code and trying my best to make sure the links work although I am sure I will not be able to locate everything which is broken but I'll go with a for sure, almost, maybe 😎 I'll keep working on it and I apologize if anyone comes across a broken link. It's been fun going through some old posts. I'm enjoying getting back in the swing of things!
Modcloth Fall for a Good Cosmopolitan Top
Converse tennies in seasonal green

Concert Series: Kid Rock (Cheap Date Tour)

This post was in my drafts. I don't know why I never finished it up. This one and the one of me and the lone goose (which I still haven't recalled). I guess I got so wound up with looking for a job after I lost mine that I pushed so much stuff aside. You don't realize until you go back to something what you left hanging. I'm surprised I even got the pics uploaded. Anyway, the concert was August of 2015 and so, so much fun! I posted about First Kiss when it first came out which you can read about here.
About half way through he started playing Johnny Cash which is my favorite and I got so excited I dropped my camera. Because, of course, I want him to be my Johnny Cash! I looked and looked and finally my friend pointed it out in the middle of my cup of frozen Mike's Hard Lemonade. It even took one last pic on the way down! She pecked me on the shoulder and didn't miss a beat as she was moving to the groove. No more pics that evening. It's absolutely amazing …