About Me

Hi, my name is Darlene and I live in the heart of the Midwest. I've traveled the same roads most of my life. I'm a natural redhead and an only child. Also, I'm fifty-something. When I am not working full-time as a paralegal in a small law office you can usually find me piddling around my home. I'm married with kids and grandkids whom I adore and my best little buddy is a fluffy white dog. I love to crochet while I watch scary movies. I also love the music of The Beatles, coke-cola, pizza and ice cold beer. I almost always have some type of music playing and I love to dance. I love reading a good book on a rainy day and I'm currently obsessed with learning photography. I shoot almost all images myself but I'm not shy in handing the camera over. I've always been a catalog shopper but these days I do most of my shopping online. I like to cook, keep my house clean and get my hands dirty planting flowers. And, of course, I love blogging about the stuff I love. It's nice to meet you!