Out of my comfort zone and In to a new job!

I am happy to share that after a few months of dangling my resume on Indeed.com I finally landed a pretty good job. I just finished my first week and it was painless. I had anxieties about driving into the city but as it turns out I have a nice drive by the river and after I figured out the one turn I have to make I haven't had any problems. Although I had just returned from a vacation in Florida and wasn't in the mood to go right to work afterwards I had very nice first week. Lots of great people and no clients in house....bonus!

Now that I can stop looking for a job I hope to have a bit more time to get back to doing some things online I have missed, blogging for one, for sure! 

Video:  Feeling Good (It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life) - Michael Buble (Official)

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