A Night of The Beatles Music

As a little girl growing up in the country with no siblings I listened to music a lot to pass the time. There were two radio stations, WSAI and WING that I could get on my transistor radio and as long as the batteries held out I was good to go. Around age 7 my mom and dad got me a stereo that played records. Oh my, it was my best Christmas present ever! It was wooden, stood on legs and had a lid. A pretty piece of furniture that played music. I loved it! They tied a big red bow around it and although it stopped working years ago I still have it. 

The Beatles became my favorite band and I played their music all the time and couldn't wait for a new album to come out. I bought all the magazines that featured them and anytime they were on TV I was in front of it. My dad bought me some white go go boots so I could dance along. A true Beatlemaniac! I was 13 when they broke up and I was heartbroken, Although there were no more Beatles they still put out individual stuff and Led Zeppelin came along so I survived! 

When my granddaughter was born she stayed with us quite often and since I wanted her to have The Beatles experience I started playing their music for her when I would give her a bath or we would drive somewhere or whenever the mood fit. I stuck with the old stuff to begin with so she could have the same experience of listening to them in order of release. It didn't take long until she was asking to listen to them. She became a true fan and The Beatles became her favorite band, just like her memaw. She is a drummer and Ringo is her favorite Beatle. John is my favorite so we do differ on that subject but otherwise we agree...The Beatles are the greatest band of all time! We had the great pleasure of going to see Ringo last summer which you can read and see all my awesome pics here.  

On Sundays I listen to Breakfast with the Beatles on our local classic rock station WTUE and I heard the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra was going to do a show featuring The Beatles albums Rubber Soul and Revolver. I knew it was a must see show for us. It was such a fun evening! The show was at The Schuster Center which is absolutely gorgeous! Photos are not allowed but I was able to capture a couple of the venue before the show started. 

We dropped the top on the car for the ride home, blasted the cd I made and sang along. When we got home we popped in The Concert for George. Although my little Beatle buddy went to sleep before it went off we both had the best time :)  

Video: The Beatles Cartoon - Drive My Car

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