Always a favorite day

Modcloth Dress

Without exception Mother's Day is always one of my happiest days of the year. As a child it was an opportunity to go shopping for my mom with just my dad which always ended with him buying me the latest 45 or album I wanted or a cute outfit depending on the store and a trip to the union hall or the local corner market hangout. Always a treat. And then a fun day at home with mom. After he passed it started a tradition of spending the day with mom going to brunch and seeing a show at the local dinner theater. A few years later my best friend and her mom started to join us. There's only been a few years here and there that we haven't all been able to make it. As far as my kids, I may not always get to see both of them but I always get to see at least one and I hear from the other in some way. When I'm lucky I get to see both but I take what I can get. Lots of laughs and a day of smiles. 

My dress is from Modcloth
Jennifer's is from Dress Barn

Video: Abba - Does Your Mother Know (Official)

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