Redheads do wear red...on occasion anyway!

Being a redhead I have always had an association with the color red and the connotations used when speaking in terms of red as in being fiery, easily angered, sexually appealing and so on. I would venture to say there has been more research on the color red than any other color. So much so that a few years ago "the red dress effect" came into play. Basically asserting that people are more subconsciously sexually attractive to others while dressed in red clothing than any other. The "go to" color for a hot date. 

For me, after some thought, I have concluded that I only wear red when I am in a good mood, have plans to have a good time somewhere, I'm feeling the energy of the day or on a certain holiday that, well, requires something red to be worn, Valentine's Day, of course. I try to pick out clothing for the next day when I can and it seems red is the only color I will change out due to my morning mood. It appears my subconscious was at work and I didn't even realize it. If I feel a bit low or tired, I don't want to wear red. I don't wear it very often regardless but it is a color that takes some thought on whether or not I can pull it off that day. I just always figured it was me. I think I do get more attention when I wear red and on some days attention is the last thing I want. There's nothing more fun than wearing a red dress on occasion, so get out there and sizzle!

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