My last day at work

After much thought and discussion it was decided that my office would close today. I've spent the last couple of weeks being torn between jumping with joy and crying my eyes out. They say change can be good in ways that you never imagine and that is my hope. After 14 years it really felt strange leaving today knowing I would not be returning. 

I have so many thoughts running through my head about what to do next it is giving me a major headache but I know I'll figure it out soon enough. The inside of my house could really use some paint so I think I will start there. Give myself a few weeks to get my thoughts in order before I begin my new job search. I'm thinking maybe a large law firm in the city. Go from one extreme to the next. I mean, why not? Change is not real change if you just go back to doing the same thing. I plan to set my sights high and just stand back and see what may come along.  One thing is for certain, spring is here and I plan to enjoy my time off while I have some time off. Spend some extra time with my family and friends and try to keep the worries at bay. Wish me luck on that one :)

Video: Sara Bareilles - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Live from Atlanta) (Official)

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