A sad time

Since my blog is mostly filled with lighter fare I was torn on whether or not to post about someone's passing. Even though I love a good scary story or murder mystery I would not handle those type of things in real life very well. I could not be a cop, a nurse or doctor, work in a mortuary or any type of work that is involved with real life people being physically hurt or being dead. My heart couldn't handle it. Losing someone you care about has to be the hardest part of living but as we all know is a part of life.

A week after my grandson was born I went out of town with a dear friend to see Bob Seger and the J. Geils Band. We spent the night in a motel next to the venue since it was away from home and we had the best time. I took 2 days off work and got home late in the day on Friday. The next morning I got a call from one of my bosses who told me my other boss had suffered a heart attack in the office on Friday and had passed away.  I could not believe my ears and after the tears I felt a rush of relief that I had not been there as I always am on Fridays. Thinking that maybe if I had been there I could have helped him. As it turned out he was gone in a matter of minutes and I couldn't have done a thing except freaked myself out. My guardian angel watching over me once again.  His wife found him that evening when he didn't come home which is as it should have been. Since then the office has been turned upside down with trying to get his cases taken care of and all of the things that come along when something like this happens. It still seems like he's just on vacation and will walk in the back door any minute.  He was a great guy and I feel blessed to have been able to work for him for the last 14 years. I have spoken of him in past posts and it didn't feel right not to include a post of his passing.

I have often thought I should move on to another job for more money, security and benefits but have stayed because he wanted me to. It's not like we were bff's or anything but we had a good working relationship and we were friends. I never had to call on him in the middle of the night to help me out but I feel he would have been there should I have ever needed to and that meant a lot. He was planning to retire at the end of this year and I knew changes were coming but it's just a sad way for them to come about and way too soon. Come April I will be working part-time and probably looking for another job. I just don't think I can make enough money to work part-time on a long term basis but I'm hoping at least through the summer. You know the bad thing about looking for a job is you always find one, so my job search is not first on my list of things I need to do right now. I am hopeful that the changes which are inevitable right now will be good ones.

On my first day back to work as I was standing out back swirls of snowy ice crystals started to float around me shining and flickering in the sun and I took that as my sign that he was ok and better than ever. There have been a lot of his lady clients crying over him and that would have made him smile. I guess he was the ladies' man he always said he was. He will be missed by all that knew him.

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