Ohio State Wins College Football Playoffs National Championship....YAY!

Well, needless to say it was a late night for every Ohio State fan last night. The Ohio State Buckeyes went against the Oregon Ducks in the college football national championship playoffs. It was a great game with Ohio State coming out on top with a win of 42-20. You can see a video and read all the stats here on ESPN. I saw on the news that the party was on in Columbus. I'm sure they were wild in the streets! Speaking of streets, there is very little traffic this morning. Everyone must be in recuperation mode today. The phone has barely rang today either. I'll take it.

Not being much of a sports fan I don't have a lot of garb to wear but I did manage to find these pictures of me and Fadra and me and Jamie from a few years back. We have a little competition going on with our friends from Michigan and we had met halfway for a game. So much fun we should do it every year! Of course, my hubby had to make a call to Michigan last night! lol

A big congratulations to Ohio State!!! GO BUCKS!!!!

The Ohio State marching band is awesome!!

Video: The Ohio State Marching Band (Official)

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