My only resolution this year...back to dressing better!

One of my New Year's resolutions (well really the only one since more than one is just one too many) is to do a better job at dressing well on a daily basis. Oh sure I do great when it comes to nights out or special events now but on a daily basis I have gradually digressed back to a basic black skirt almost daily (I finally threw away my old black dress pants or I would probably be sporting those again). Although there is nothing wrong with a black skirt it shouldn't be the same one which you wash just to have it to wear again tomorrow. The shame of it is that I have purchased, thrifted and been the recipient of  plenty of clothes in the last few years when I decided I was a train wreck when it came to clothing myself. A real emergency if you will. I have more than enough clothes to put together lots of great looks now. I really have no excuse other than it's just easier to throw that one black skirt on. I had a lot on my mind last year and, of course, that doesn't help but I am hopeful to turn my thoughts a bit more towards my daily life rather than thoughts about long term things I can't do a thing about anyway. I hope to live and enjoy each day in and of itself. 

I work in a small law office and I can basically wear whatever I want. Especially on days when there are no clients scheduled. Fridays have always been casual and one year when I didn't receive a raise I asked if it would be ok if I wore jeans on no client days. At least I felt like I was getting some benefit. Although after having this option for a few years now I have found that I get more work actually done when I dress more professional than I do on days that I can wear jeans through the week. I guess it feels too much like casual Friday when the workflow is less. I don't really know why that is though. I thought I would be more comfortable and get more done but I found I really only needed to start wearing more comfortable clothes in general. Leave the high heels and suits at home. I mean it's been some time since I worked in a large firm which can expect that type of dress. My attorneys have no kind of a dress policy or appearance qualms and I don't have to go to the Courthouse anymore. We are pretty casual here regardless. I have been trying to find a middle ground. Although the guys have never made any comments about what I wear one way or the other I have found that they are more receptive to my ideas when I present them dressed well. It's just something I have picked up on over the years. It is a subconscious thing on their parts which they have no idea of but I have found this to be true with both of them. Maybe it is just that when you look better you seem to feel better and present yourself better but I am not taking any chances, nowadays when I need to conference with them about cases or want time off I always leave the black skirt or jeans at home :o)

Outfit Details:
Dress:  Liz Claiborne  (similar)
Top:  Thrifted
Sweater:  Elder Beerman (similar)
Belt:  JC Penny (similar)

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