Kid Rock ~ First Kiss

Kid Rock's new album is starting to get some buzz. It is set to be released on February 24th.  I am very excited! Today he premiered the first video from the album, First Kiss, of the same name. It's a catchy tune that will take you back, way back in time. You can pre-order the album and get the song now. I'll be doing just that as soon as I can.

It's funny how things work out but I bumped into my first kiss on New Year's Eve at the grocery store. I had not seen him for some 25 years. Of course, it was no Dan Folgelberg song but it was nice to see him after all this time. Time sure flies. It has been a long time since I partied on the creekbank and jammed some gears. Well, not really but not like back then anyway! lol We drove for miles and miles going around and around the drive-ins, Jerry's and Frisch's. It was some great fun and great memories. I love songs like this one that can take you back in time immediately and make you feel like it was only yesterday. Love, love, love it! 

You can read more about Kid Rock here:

New Kid Rock,,,yeah baby!!!

Video:  Kid Rock - First Kiss (Official)

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