I scored at the Modcloth sale! Yay

The last couple of years I have acquired a nice collection of coats. A girl can't have too many coats if she lives anywhere the words below zero are spoken often. And if that girl likes it hot, like me, then she better bundle up. It gets so so cold! So why did I buy one more you ask? Well, besides the fact that a girl cannot have too many coats, I have been trying to incorporate a bit more blue into my wardrobe. I am always told blue compliments me but when looking at my clothes there were very few blue items. I have been trying to reconcile that. The blue on black syndrome I reckon. Not to mention my best friend (she's the best) bought me a pair of Doc Martens for Christmas, in navy no less, and my mom bought me a lovely navy sweater. It was imperative I have a navy coat! I decided to check out the sale and I am so glad I did. Outfit post to come for sure whenever below zero hasn't been spoken that day :o)

Modcloth currently has an additional 20% off code they are honoring, even on sale items. I purchased the coat and dress a couple of days ago but it looks like the code is still active. The coat was originally $149.99 on sale for $44.99 and the dress was regularly $74.99 on sale for $36.99. With an additional 20% off I got the coat and dress for $65.58, which includes tax, and shipping is always free over $50. Now that is what I call a deal! 


  1. A collection of coats is what I dream of.. But, below zero, will a coat be enough?..

  2. I had always put off buying coats and wore the same ragged one around for years. I'd dress up some and then put on my ragged coat without thinking much about it. I decided I needed to stop that and started watching for buys. This of year you can get them for almost nothing. The big sales at Modcloth are awesome for finding coats. I hope you can start to acquire yourself a few :) For me they are the last layer of a few! lol Thanks for stopping by!


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