Concert Series - Kid Rock (Rebel Soul - Best Night Ever)

With a new Kid Rock album on the horizon it has me thinking of him once again. I have been going to post these photos from the last tour since I took them which was on August 28, 2013. My, has it been that long? Like I said in a post earlier it seems last year was quite a blur for me without doing much but standing back and looking in from afar. For the last couple of months I have been trying to take strides to get more involved in moving forward on things left lying. A little each day seems to be working.  Anyway....

On Kid Rock Day (as we call it around here whenever it's concert day, or me sometimes any day of the week) it started early in the morning poolside for bloody marys and breakfast burritos. Of course, Kid Rock Day is always a vacation day and when it lands in the week it's two days and this was no exception, it was a Wednesday and a hot one at that, So Hott! It was perfect! 

After a morning of swimming, laughing and singing Kid Rock tunes it was time to go get dressed. We had decided to wear our cowboy boots to this show and we had been having a little fun posing our boots and bragging about which picture was best. No doubt mine was the best!! It did include a bottle of Kid Rock's beer after all. Enough said! They Say I'm cocky and I say....what, it ain't bragging if you back it up. Another fun thing about Kid Rock Day is quoting him all day long. I did a post not long after the concert about the boot photos which you can see here and it includes the video, Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy by Big & Rich. Cool stuff!

The tour was deemed as The Best Night Ever with all tickets selling for $20, $4 beers, $20 tees and free Jimmy Johns Subs at certain venues (Cincy was one) and free coffee after the show. Along with Kid Rock it was sponsored by Harley Davidson and Jim Beam. The new album at the time was Rebel Soul. I was excited to hear some of the songs live but he only did one song from the album and not even the single from the album. He did Celebrate which is a great party song so I didn't complain but I was a little disappointed he didn't do more songs from the new album. I have seen him many times and I had heard all the songs he played multiple times but afterwards I realized his point of the Best Night Ever Tour was not about selling the new album, it was about anyone who wanted to see him could come and have the best night ever for very little money. He picked the songs he did because a lot of these people had never seen him, might not be able to afford a future show and might not be able to afford the new album. He played his roots with party songs every fan knows and loves. He certainly did what he claimed he was going to do. He did a show for the working man, the downtrodden and the rebel in us all. His targeted audience was in full attendance! I read Detroit sold 30K cans of beer per night, per show, for eight shows. No wonder ZZ Top was singing Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers....the place was full of them! It was a Redneck Paradise!

Although we did get cheap tickets since they were all priced the same no matter where you were seated, we got the regular large beers and ate at O'Charlies beforehand. The lines were a nightmare for the cheap stuff.  Looking at those lines made us pull out some extra cash. Although everyone was making the most of it and smiles abounded. Except those who let their best night get the best of them and were face down in the lawn or those being carried out. Needless to say a Kid Rock show is quite entertaining for crowd watching people like me. There was a man in line in front of us trying to take a girl in who was passed out. He had her sprawled over his shoulder like a fresh kill when she wasn't propped up against him waiting for the line to move. Like the two of them were getting in. If you can't hang with the big boys get out of the Jim Beam. Sometimes the pre-parties are as much fun as the concert. Well, not really but they can come close. People can be nuts!

Doing our own thing we were a bit late to the party and missed Uncle Kracker but we caught the end of ZZ Top. Watching Kid Rock perform is always a treat. He puts his all into it and is an excellent musician and has a beautiful voice. He may have a bad boy reputation but he has a heart of gold at times too. His band, Twisted Brown Trucker are pretty awesome themselves and deserve a big shout out. It really is a must see show. After the concert I tried to get into someone's car that looked just like mine until I realized it was not mine. After that it took awhile to find the car but once found it was still a long wait to get out of the parking lot. It wasn't long though until we were seated at the Waffle House for breakfast. After driving the convertible in 110 degree heat all day and letting my hair fly on the way to Waffle House I was afraid to look in the mirror. It was going to take at least a half hour to brush my hair after sleeping on it. I certainly wasn't brushing my hair that night. Upon leaving I went back in the direction we had just came from. I guess I hadn't had enough. If it hadn't been pointed out from the backseat we would have ended up back at the river which actually would have been ok with me since Bobby was probably still there. 

I don't know that it was the best night ever but it sure was a great day!




  1. Celebrate
  2. Devil Without A Cause
  3. You Never Met A MF'r Quite Like Me
  4. American Badass
  5. Wasting Time
  6. Cowboy
  7. So Hott
  8. Forever
  9. Cocky
  10. Rock Bottom Blues
  11. Picture
  12. Rock N Roll Jesus
  13. Only God Knows Why
  14. Born Free
  15. Blue Jeans And A Rosary (encore)
  16. All Summer Long (encore)
  17. Bawitdaba (encore)

Video: Kid Rock - American Bad Ass (Official)

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