My Christmas Wishlist

Here it is again already, Christmastime. How did that happen so soon? Time does fly by. This time last year I had been listening to 8 hours of Christmas music a day at work and sick to death of it. How do retail people do it every year? Since then I changed radio stations. Not due to the change over to Christmas music but because I could finally pick up the public radio station WNKU. Glad Santa brought them some new antennas! I became a member last week and there should be two cd's heading my way as a thank you gift. I am anxiously awaiting those. Anyway back to last year, I was also way too busy at work and otherwise to suit me with no vacation time in sight. This year I am laid back listening to awesome music while my bosses are both out of the office. I did all my shopping online and have all next week off work. Not a stressful bone in my body at this moment. Now that's what I would call a Christmas bonus! Although there has been some news in the family, I personally have not done a lot to speak of this year. Some reflecting, looking back and forward and mostly dreaming of the future. I feel this year has been like a step-over year. Like it has went by with me looking in at myself from afar without being attached. It's weird but that's the only way to explain it. I hope to join up with myself this year and get back to doing more. Wish me luck on that one!

I have been such a good girl this year, I am hopeful that Santa is going to bring me an iPhone 6 and an iPad. I am ready to jump on the iCloud. I am anticipating that I will enjoy sharing my music, photos and books on my different devices. I hope I can figure it out but apparently all you have to do is sign in with your Apple ID and you are all set without having to do a thing but opt in. I will have to update you on my adventure on the cloud once I am floating :o) 

Before closing I want to wish you all the love and happiness you can make and find this holiday season. I hope you get everything your heart desires. Merry Christmas!  

Video: Pentatonix - Carol of the Bells (Official)

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