Season of the Witch

This time of year everywhere you look there are ghouls, ghosts and, of course, witches galore. A time when the dead can converse with the living and all things seem magical or scary or both. The wind starts to whip and you swear you heard someone speak to you even though there is no one around. The days are shorter and darkness descends. I find things move from where I know they are to someplace they should never be. It takes me the rest of the winter or longer to ever find them again. I always find them though in some odd spot. I binge on scary movies and popcorn and dread the cold.

I don't normally dress up for Halloween other than the occasional witch or some cat ears. If nothing else I at least try to wear orange. This year as I was looking for cat food there out of the blue laid the pretty witch's hat I'm wearing in these pictures. I think it wanted me to buy it so who was I to argue.

I have always had an interest in witchcraft, the Wicca religion and there's nothing better than a scary movie with a nasty witch in it. You never know whether they are good or bad and there's always that mysterious aura around them. Even the bad, ugly, ones are very charismatic. In real life witchery has not always been so glorified. You can read about witchcraft here on Wikipedia and about Wicca here.

One thing that comes up a lot when reading about ancient witchcraft is a lot of women were accused of being witches just because they had red hair. If you happen by and smell the cauldron bubbling, see the frogs hopping and hear me cackling think nothing of it. We'll have a glass of brew and a shiny red pretty :o)

Dress: Calvin Klein//Witch Mini Hat: (Similar on Etsy)//Boots: Similar

Video: Donovan - Season of the Witch (Live) (Official)

Season of the Witch - Donovan

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