Back to work

I was back to work today in full swing and not wearing my black skirt. As bad as I just wanted to grab it and throw it on this morning I didn't. Yay for me. I hate coming back after a few days off. It seems everybody, and their brother too, want to talk to me. It's ok though, I am trying to stay busy to keep from thinking about how much it is going to cost to get my car fixed. Way, way too much! I'd rather it break down now than this winter in the middle of a snowstorm I guess. I was just extremely bummed because it died on my birthday. With any luck I'll be cruising this time tomorrow with no worries. I'm letting them fix everything. Main thing was the fuel pump went out. Not cheap.

I wanted to share some pictures I got of the moon last night and thought what the heck, how about a picture of my cute dress while I'm at it. I wasn't able to see the moon when it was supposed to turn red but it sure was bright. No blood moon for me but very pretty too look at for sure. I was kind of psyched for the American Horror Story premiere last night and wanted to waste a few minutes beforehand so I could skip through the commercials so I went out and photographed the moon. I love to do that sometimes but where I live I can't always see it. Down in a valley where the tall trees grow. To be honest though, I think I was more impressed with the moon than the show. It might not be my cup of tea this year. Another bummer....but I did get a great deal on the dress and a beautiful show put on by nature last night so I can't complain. Ok, I know...too late!     


My Hell Bunny Dress

I have really tried to not be such a clothes hoarder but I still find I am doing it. You know buying a beautiful dress or a pair of great shoes, or whatever, and putting it away until the right occasion. I've told myself time and again that I should just wear it because you never know when the right occasion will come, if ever. I received this dress as a gift last year for Christmas and just wore it for the first time over the weekend for my birthday dinner. Of course, the dress was perfect for the occasion and I was glad I had saved it but then again I could have been wearing this gorgeous dress all these months and gotten another. It's not like I can't find another dress I like. It's something I need to work more on. Wear the clothes I have!! It is the Sweet Temptations Dress in Strawberries from Modcloth made by Hell Bunny. I wish I had gotten a picture of the tie in the back. Very pretty! It appears I have waited so long to wear it that it is no longer offered. You can find similar items online, though, and there are a lot of them on eBay. I really love the look and feel of the dress. It's very well made, nice material and I love the full skirt. I would recommend the brand if everything is made as well as this dress. Hell Bunny is just how they sound. A little naughty and a little nice!

On another note I got another batch of kittens for my birthday. Just what I wanted, I know! Due to thunderstorms in the area she ended up having them right under the porch. I was hoping for out in the weeds somewhere to save Fadra from wanting to see them all the time. Fiona is so mean I'm afraid she's gonna attack us all half the time. She never has but she hisses like she wants to kill us and has jumped on the little girl cat from her last litter. I tell her all the time she's going to end up with a bb in her ass but she just looks at me like, yeah right! I haven't been having much of anything go my way lately so, of course, right there she is with a whole new batch right by the steps everyone uses. She'll be wild enough to shoot a bb at pretty soon! lol I'm turning into an old cat lady and I don't even like cats. Another gift was my car not starting for me and having to be towed into the shop. I was out shopping for an umbrella and a few other things. I had left mine in my mom's car and had given it to her. I found a new one but hadn't opened it up yet and on my way to the car it started to pour the rain. There I sat all wet in my car that wouldn't start on my birthday thinking about what in the world was I ever going to do with more cats. Hell of a way to start off my next year of life. I was just like Willie eyes crying in the rain! lol Regardless I did have a wonderful birthday this year. Four days off from work, a marvelous meal at Jags, a shopping day with mom, talking with my kids and tons of messages from friends. Life is good, even with a few snags along the way.  I feel very blessed :o) If anyone wants a cat though, you know where to find a few and then some! 

Outfit Details:
Dress:  Hell Bunny from Modcloth (similar)
Boots: Anne Klein
Tights: Spanx (I love these!!!)