Vintage photos

With yesterday being my mom's birthday I decided to look up some old photos I scanned a few years ago and post them on her Facebook page. It's always so much fun to look at old photos! I could sit and look at them for hours. However, after she turned 70 a few years ago and in turn each of my boys turning 30 I had scanned and printed so many pictures I was done for awhile with old pictures. For each of my son's birthdays I went to Things Remembered and got an engraved photo album which held 100 photos. For mom I printed off a bunch for a poster board at her party. Needless to say I scanned and printed off hundreds of photos. They were thrilled which made it worthwhile but, whew, made me not want to do that again for awhile but now that I have my digital music in order, well almost, it's time to digitize my photo collection. It almost sounds too overwhelming to even begin but will be so worth it once it's done. I decided to use SmugMug to store them all. I started my site if you want to check it out here. Not much going on yet but it's been easy to use so far and I think I will love it, so right there is a start I guess. You have to start somewhere. A little here and a little there always does the trick. I'm looking forward to it!

Outfit Details:
Mom:  Chico's
Boots: Similar
Sweater: Similar      

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