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For some reason here lately I have just not been feeling it. What "it" is I don't know. I just know I'm not feeling it. It seems things are taking too long to happen. What I am waiting for to happen I'm not sure about that either. I'm in a slump I guess you would say. I'm on the uphill of the roller coaster right now. Work is same old, same old. Nothing is selling on eBay. Sad the summer is almost over. Yet another birthday on the way and I've had the stomach flu. On top of it all, in a nutshell, I am having a hard time with motivation these days. Of course, that is something I need to work on immediately. I don't move forward if I'm not motivated. I must get motivated! On the other hand, I have some good news, my youngest son just bought his first home and I am expecting a new grandbaby come January. Family and friends are all doing great. I think I just need to go shopping or drinking, either one would probably lighten my mood! 

I haven't taken many pictures lately but I thought I would share a few I've edited over the last couple months. It may give me some motivation to do more. Seriously, I really do enjoy learning photography and playing with Photoshop and Lightroom. The aperture, shutter speed, ISO and all that other crap is finally starting to sink in. It's not just taking photos though, editing can make a huge difference in your photos also and it's fun. It's a great hobby! When you are feeling a bit blue you can always look at pictures that make you smile and with any luck you may find some motivation :o)

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