Motivation...that's a word I've been throwing around lately. I seem to have none. In the last few years I've downsized, I've organized, I've cleaned out, I've learned, I've moved forward and I've de-cluttered, (mostly anyway), yet I sit here with nothing particular to do other than my paying job and I wonder why I am not doing more now that I have all the things behind me that I wanted to do pretty much done. I think I have been of the mindset that having those things done would give me time to do the things that I want to do rather than the things I have to do. Live simply is what they say. It is true that I do not have that feeling of overwhelming dread of having more to do than time allows or worries over things going on with my life. All is good but I feel like I've taken care of so much that now I don't feel inclined to do a thing. What the hell is up with that? I should be jumping up and down with joy! Maybe a break from anything that makes me think for awhile is what the doctor ordered, and maybe, and hopefully, it is a temporary thing and I can get back to doing things I like to do that accomplish something rather than sitting here reading another useless celebrity story or watching a video to waste time. I guess every once in awhile mindless crap won't hurt a thing though. After all sometimes a girl just needs to know why no one likes Penny's new haircut on the Big Bang Theory. Personally I am on the "do not like" side of the controversy. Oh what will the outcome be? Will she grow it back or keep it short? Lately I can keep you up on the latest!  Oh and who doesn't love the new Ellen parody of the new Matthew McConaughey Lincoln car commercial. It's hilarious! You can see it here. Be ready to crack up! 

Putting celebrities and silliness aside if you are experiencing bouts of lack of motivation or loneliness here are a few links I found that they are full of great tips to help you over the hump. I haven't read every word because, well, I just heard that there is breaking news on TMZ! lol 

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