Oh no, black and white...again!

When I was cropping these pictures it occurred to me that in almost all of my posts this summer featuring some sort of outfit I've been wearing black and white. I've been thinking lately about how I am in a rut with things right now and my clothing must be showing it without me even realizing it. Although my first clue should have been that I have been pulling out the same couple of black skirts, same shoes with just a different top here and there to wear to work almost every day. At least I haven't backslid to my old black work pants I wore everyday there for awhile a few years ago! I even put on a red belt with this skirt first and took it back out and replaced it with the black one. What was I thinking? The red belt would have been the pop of color this outfit certainly needs. I'm thinking now that not having or wanting a pop of color is probably my head problem as well. 

The last few years I've been dealing with downsizing and paying off debt and hoping to be able to work part-time when my older boss retires. I want to work more on eBay, crochet more, blog more and take more photos along with spend more time with my family and friends and maybe a bit of "me time" thrown in the mix somewhere, so I am actually looking forward to it but we have to have things in place before that can happen. Although we have made quite a bit of headway (house in the country purchased, rental property gone, cars paid off) it has still seemed like an overwhelming process. Life insurance, car insurance and health insurance is a nightmare to shop for and let's not even talk about home insurance when you have a creek running on your property, flood insurance is outrageous. Now I'm getting ready to do battle with Verizon Wireless and Dish Satellite for better prices on a new contract. I think maybe it's because I work all day in other peoples' piles of papers that I don't want to do my own. It's a big pain in the butt! I've been trying to get the stuff I should have in order, in order, while trying to lower prices. But it's not been fun. However, I am very happy with my life right now and will continue with my strategy as long as it takes. It's stuff that we all hate to do but that which must be done. I haven't started typing all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy over and over yet anyway.

Since the beginning of the year before I purchase anything or go anywhere I have been asking myself, is it a need or a want? And if it's a want I have to ask myself, how bad do I want it? The new dress? Not a need since I am currently wearing the same crap and have tons of clothes. The new iPod? A definite want but what the hell I had to have it. I have loved every minute of listening to all my old cd's so it was worth every penny. That night out for no reason? Not a need. That night out with old friends? A need for sure! It seems to be working. I was hoping to be a bit further along by this time of the year but hey I am moving along even if slowly and that's all a girl can do :o) 

Outfit Details:
Black Top:  Elder Beerman
Skirt:  New York and Company
Tights:  CVS
Shoes: eBay

Video: The Black Keys - Fever (Official)

Turn Blue - The Black Keys

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