The Oregon District

We had the pleasure of heading to the City on Saturday and having lunch in the Oregon District. Some friends of ours came to visit from Michigan. Since we had went to Cincinnati on a couple of previous visits we decided to head to Dayton this go round. The Oregon District is a small area in the downtown area which is filled with unique restaurants and shops. I am going to have to plan a trip with just my hubby or a girlfriend in order to take a little time and check out all the cool little shops although we did venture into a couple of them. 

It was supposed to rain so I wore a simple black top with a pair of capris and flat sandals. It was perfect for a day of wondering around! We asked a shop owner her opinion on the best place for lunch with a patio and were told that The Trolley Stop had the best food and the prettiest patio. The food was delicious and the atmosphere outstanding. It was complete with a pond, fish and birds. I would say she nailed that one!

We then decided to stop by the Tumbleweed Connection which is a bar I used to stop by on occasion to see some great bands. Although it had been a long time, it still looked just the same! However, I think the bubble machine was new :)




A new album by Tom Petty is out today! It's awesome!

Video: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - U Get Me High (Official Audio)

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