Kitten cuteness overload!

A couple of months ago we discovered that our cat, Fiona, had given birth to four kittens. Three girls and one boy. Oh my, what was I going to do? I knew my hubby and my granddaughter didn't want to hear that we should give them away. After all they were the cutest things! Fiona was a very young cat when she showed up at our house. We started to feed her and she became ours. Sadly before we could domesticate her she was attacked by something and it almost blinded her in one eye. She will still not let you touch her, although she always hangs close by. Last spring she lost a set of kittens by having them away from our house we assumed. That time we could tell she was pregnant but this time one day she kind of looked like it and another she didn't so the kittens were a surprise when they came walking out of the lillies by the side window. There were three female white ones and a male calico tiger. The male looks like the cat my kids had throughout their childhood growing up. They named her Striper after the Gremlins so we named him the same in honor of her memory. Cuteness overdose for sure!

The little fluffy one was the most brave and always lead the pack and was the first to eat and let you pick her up. My youngest son took her home as soon as she was big enough. My granddaughter, Addy, couldn't wait to get her hands on her and now they sleep together. They named her Hufflepuff which was perfect! One down. A friend who I had not seen in many years contacted me through another friend and told me a story about how her white cat had passed away and now her dog was depressed over losing his best buddy. So sad. We had to cheer Lucy up with a new friend. She came and got the other mostly white kitten as soon as she was big enough and named her Zoe. You'll be pleased to know that Lucy and Zoe are the best of friends now and Lucy is happy again. Two down.  As it turns out I still have two running around which everyone wants to keep. That hasn't deterred me from looking for homes for them though. Just no takers yet. Wish me luck on that one!

Needless to say they are driving Fadra nuts! She does not like them one bit but is fascinated by them. Poor thing is obsessed! If anyone knows a good dog whisperer please send them my way :o)

Come on Fadra, snap yourself out of it!!!


Lucy and Zoe via their mommy


Hufflepuff and Addy via their mommy



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