I upgraded my iPod...finally!

I purchased my first iPod in 2006, starting slow with a 2nd generation Shuffle. I loved it so much that it didn't take long until I wanted one that would hold more songs. I received a Nano 3rd generation sometime in 2007 as a gift from my husband and I was quite happy with it. I even took the time to download photos and learn how to use it properly. In 2010 we went to Indianapolis to see Lady Gaga. She was awesome! The fact that someone broke into our car and stole our stereo and my iPod was not! When we got back in town my hubby went and bought me a new stereo and he even threw in a new iPod which by this time was an iPod 5th generation. He is the best! Well, most times anyway :o) Although I didn't quite love it the way I had loved my 3rd generation. I guess it always kind of hung over my head as a reminder of those bad boys in Indiana. In my need to upgrade I sold my 5th generation to my best friend who had lost hers and applied that cash to my new one. Great way to make us both very happy!

You can see all the different types of iPods over the years here on wikipedia.

We moved into a smaller house in 2009 and I boxed up my cd's with the hope of downloading them to digital at some point. My son volunteered, after a little prodding from me, to help me out. He did an excellent job of downloading them all for me but once that was done and I got in the mood to mess with music I realized I wanted an iPod that would hold all my music rather than just my favorite playlists. I finally got my hands on a classic iPod which I love so much I can't even contain myself! I have been having the best time listening to old tunes I haven't heard for awhile and remembering artists I had forgotten all about. What can I say, I've been listening to some awesome tunes this summer! 

I forgot to mention how great the little x-mini Uno speaker is! You must have one of these! They sell for about $29 and is the best $29 I spent for awhile. I loved mine so much I bought them for gifts until I got everybody one that I knew would enjoy it. They all loved theirs too. Of course, I am the only one I bought a purple one for :o) I liked it best but they come in an array of colors. Awesome speaker. Small, stays charged for about 18-20 hours and jams!  Great sound and for a small personal speaker I've never heard better. Get one for sure!

Video: Uncle Kracker - Blue Skies (official)


  1. Wow, good for you. I like that mini speaker, it's so cute.


    1. I highly recommend that little speaker. It jams!! I was so thrilled with mine I bought all my friends one as gifts when I needed to get them something. They are hooked! Great sound and runs for about 18 hours without charging. Love it! Get one :o)

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