Cara Delevingne and a Bear Pose for Vogue

I love popping over to Vogue once in awhile to check out the pretty pictures. I always find something beautiful and unique. I love the 70's bond girl vibe from these! The photos of Cara Delevingne were taken by Mario Testino and you can read the story and check out what she's wearing here. Beauty and the Beast look like they were made for each other!


  1. hello darlene i recently made my return to blogger after taking a six month break but i am back. i love cara, she's one of my fave models and i am not going to lie, i have such a massive crush on her. still loving your blog as ever.
    kate xxx

    1. Hi Kate, glad to see you back! I wondered where you went and hoped you were ok. I'll pop over and say hi on your page. No one can blame you for crushing on Cara...she is gorgeous. The bear is mighty handsome himself!

      As always, thanks for stopping by!


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