Crushin' on Heels Today

I started out looking for oxfords or penny loafers which I really need but I got sidetracked looking at these cute heels and thought I would share. It's a shame I don't need any heels. Later on when I need heels I'll find cute oxfords! Isn't that usually the way it goes :o)



Saturday Strut Heel in Pink
Complementary Blooms Heel
Festoon as Possible Heel
Daiquiri Jamboree Heel in Blush
Jade Upgrade Heel
Vivacious Visit Heel in Saffron


  1. Oh my gosh. Those are really cute. I love the yellow heels with purple flower.

    1. I love those too! Wish I had some extra cash, they would be traveling my way as we speak! lol

  2. Wow, I adore these pretty and unique vintage heels, so beautiful!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sam. It's nice to hear from you :o)


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