Before and after pics of Fadra's haircut

I love my fuzzy puppy and I almost hate to see all her hair go in the springtime. Her hair feels like a big soft cotton ball and I love petting her. She goes to the beauty shop once a month but she only gets a full cut once a year. I think she lost a couple of pounds this go round. The first year we took her to get her sheared she looked really embarrassed like she was caught without her clothes. I was laughing at her and sent a picture to my mom. Needless to say I got into trouble. Mom made it clear I was not to laugh at her :o) I couldn't help myself but nowadays if I laugh I keep it to myself. Now if I can just get to the beauty shop we'll both be ready for summer!

I may also need to go back to the eye doctor. I tried to feed a piece of a ham sandwich to her play blanket yesterday. It was laying behind me on the floor and I thought it was her. Of course I realized what I was doing as soon as I turned around but my husband saw me and got a big laugh out of it. I probably won't live that one down for awhile. He'll be telling my mom and they'll be laughing at me!

Outfit Details:
Grey sweater:  Liz Claiborne
Black skirt: Calvin Klein
Black boots: Modcloth

Black sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
Bright orchid top: Elder Beerman
Jeans: Levi's

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